You might be mixing up Emrys and Merlin? She described it as seeing "nothing but darkness" (Arthur's Bane:Part One). 0 0. When they later meet again, Morgana wakes him up and wants to know why Mordred betrayed her. She ambushes Gwen and takes her to the Dark Tower with her. Three years after her second assault to Camelot, Morgana's magic had grown even stronger. Although Morgana fought hard to keep Gwen under her control, Merlin, Arthur and Gwen are able to free her from Morgana's grasp, and the two do not communicate at all after this event (With All My Heart). Morgana seems hopeful that Guinevere will remain loyal to her, and indeed Gwen replies that she has always been so, but Gwen then frees Sir Leon from the dungeons and Morgana's men follow them to Arthur. We can only say "caught up", Semi-plausible reason why only NERF weaponry will kill invading aliens. On horseback, she catches up with Arthur but is ultimately foiled again by Merlin and the knights who accompany Arthur. Knowing that Accolon’s sword was the true Excalibur, Arthur seized it and quickly defeated Accolon, who then realised Morgan’s plot. Merlin alerts Arthur, who carries her to Gaius for treatment, though the prognosis is grim. Why do no other magicians- including Merlin- disappear using magic? As a young girl, she often practiced swordplay with her childhood companion, Arthur, and according to her, used to beat him with a sword, though he would later deny this. Morgana also demonstrated enough magical competence to wield the power of necromancy, a little-practiced art, to get rid of her rival Guinevere once and for all. She is trying so hard to find Emrys (merlin). When Merlin discovered that Morgana was the vessel for the sleeping plague and poisoned her to stop it, Morgause abandoned her attempt to conquer Camelot in order to find out the type of poison to save her sister, evidently grieved as she held Morgana's unconscious body in her arms. Morgana rules for some time and tries to get the Knights of Camelot to pledge themselves to her, but regardless of the fact that she claimed to be Uther's daughter, the knights are loyal to the King and refuse to obey her. She has a wide variety of different dresses throughout the series, all of which reflect her personality. After this, Morgana began to plot against her half-sibling while he remained a doting brother, even risking his life to go back into Cenred's stronghold to rescue her, unaware that it was a trap to get him killed (The Castle of Fyrien). They could have expose Merlin for magic, but they don't even think about it. With all pretence now dropped, Morgana and Merlin were deeply hostile to one other, though in the presence of Arthur and Gwen they tended to be civil, but not friendly. In the TV series, why is Merlin referred to as a warlock, not a wizard? Morgana showed none of her former respect and affection for Gaius and was happy to firstly torture him to extract information, then later leave him deteriorating in a cell without sufficient food. In a last display of courage, Uther fought to protect himself and his son but was fatally stabbed in the process. Merlin stood still for a moment. Affiliation: Soon he will see exactly how much. There, she uses mandrake roots to twist Guinevere's memories and make her believe that she is her only one true ally. Morgana remained ignorant to the fact that she owed her life to Merlin when he cured her fatal head injury, although he acted largely to alleviate his own guilt from having caused her accident in the first place, and also to save Arthur and Uther from their overwhelming grief (The Crystal Cave). During the battle she angrily demands to know who Emrys really is and why as a fellow magic user he would defend Arthur, who despises their kind. Set on finding Arthur, Morgana then proceeds to torture Elyan using a Nathair to find out where he is headed. Morgana Pendragon thanks Arthur for the present. What problems will a person with purple blood (hemerithrin instead of hemoglobin) have? She also actively caused her father's death when she was informed that Arthur planned to use magic to save Uther by enchanting a necklace to reverse any healing spell and worsen the ailment tenfold. Before departing to Morgana's hovel, Merlin disguised himself as Dragoon the Great so Morgana wouldn't recognise him. rev 2020.12.18.38240, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. Im on season 3 episode 3 and its killing me having Uther not know she is evil!! She enters as he talks to a captured Mithian and Rodor, and makes a deal with him: he will help her conquer Camelot, and she will help him kill the man he wants most: Arthur Pendragon. However, the steep personality change the Fomorroh also causes means that Gwen and Gaius soon realise something is wrong with Merlin. After Merlin pierces through her with Excalibur, Arthur fleetingly looks at her lifeless eyes, and very soon he leaves his last breath as well (The Diamond of the Day). and "Unable to connect to world" error between version 1.16.201 and 1.16.40. Gorlois raised me as a child. The more he became infatuated with Gwen, the more his relationship with Morgana shifted towards that of brother and sister, while when Uther married Catrina, the two were horrified to discover their new stepmother was a troll (Beauty and the Beast). She also uses a woman named Eira as a spy. Determined to stop her vision from coming true, she visits the Dochraid for advice regarding necromancy. Uther finally discovered Morgana's treachery when Morgana stepped out, agreeing with Uther's words and asserting her own royal right. He, believing that he could not abandon her and understanding what she was going through, ignored the two (The Nightmare Begins). Morgana eventually agrees and steals the crystal, delivering it to Alvarr's camp. He embraces her, promising her that she is safe in Camelot. Morgause, as the more experienced and worldly wise of the two, assumed a puppeteer position over Morgana, being the chief orchestrator of their regicidal schemes. Merlin therefore disguises himself as Dragoon the Great and rides to Morgana's hut, intending to retrieve the Fomorroh. While under her control, Gwen worships Morgana and thinks of her as her one and only friend, while she loathes all her former friends (The Dark Tower). How do toi think Morgana will react when she finds out Merlin has magic? They then return with Morgana to Camelot, and Gaius orders Uther to allow her to rest. Agravaine later informs Morgana that the people of Camelot will swear allegiance to none but Arthur, so she orders their crops to be burnt to force their loyalty, by which even Agravaine seems perturbed. As she was born in the house of Gorlois, no one doubted her parentage. The night after Elyan's death, Guinevere meets Morgana in the Darkling Woods, and the two plan Arthur's downfall (The Dark Tower). Morgan became queen by marrying King Uriens of Gorre, a section of Ancient Britain following the departure of the Romans. Morgana and the revived as a shade Lancelot. At some point Helios entered into an alliance with Morgana and seemed quite familiar with her, plotting to besiege Camelot alongside her. Additionally, Morgana seeks to avenge her losses but ultimately fails to achieve satisfaction, which dooms her to be perpetually unhappy, a fact first pointed out by Queen Annis much to Morgana’s ire. Can a Homunculus freely take a bonus action granted to it by a specific rule such as a spell? Morgana meets with her and admits that she hates what Uther has become, confessing that she once had the chance to be his assassin, but saved his life instead because she believed he was still capable of changing for the better. In a reversal of the previous year, Morgana escaped with Morgause in an attempt to save her. Although Gaius was not initially an object of her hatred, he finally became one of her targets once she suspected that he knew of Emrys, leading to his kidnap. Don't think I don't understand loyalty just because I've got no one left to be loyal to. To know what it's like to be alone and afraid. I just want to be myself. Morgana remains in control of Camelot for a short period of time, entertaining herself at Gwaine's expense by compelling him to fight more and more unequal battles in return for scant pieces of food to share between all three prisoners in the dungeon; Gwaine, Gaius, and Elyan. Are there any paintings or portraits of Merlin in Hogwarts? She is also very protective of him, using magic to defeat his enemies during the battle of Camlann. As time went on Morgana noted that Gwen was getting more secretive, and wondered if there was a man involved, which there was. Arthur will replace him. She then sees Emrys, or rather Merlin disguised as Dragoon the Great, running past her, much to her horror. She is the darkness to your light, the hatred to your love. Relevance. It is not because Morgana does not know that Merlin has magic. When Morgana returned to Camelot, already planning on bringing on Uther's downfall, she pretended to respect and love Uther, yet secretly rejected any kind of Uther's affection and fatherly love towards her, even when he confessed in tears his deep love for her in front of the court during a feast that was held to celebrate her safe return. Prophecies do not lie. She initially trusted Gaius a great deal, even though she told Aredian that she had no idea what he'd put in the potions, because he took care of her and his draughts were the only thing that let her get any sleep. Morgana seems largely unmoved by Agravaine's passionate speech, though claims to be grateful for his faithfulness, and merely states that he need never leave her side again if he succeeds in his mission. Morgana, therefore, continued in her attempts to take Arthur's throne, eventually succeeding in conquering Camelot once again. Arthur chanced upon her during a hunting trip and spent a week as her guest as she showed him the murals of Lancelot which she had painted in his room as her guest, possibly to get in good fervour with him. Games Movies TV Video. When Morgana received visions of a future where Gwen was Queen of Camelot, she was incensed that Gwen would one day rob her of her birthright, so she subtly revealed Gwen and Arthur's courtship to Uther and framed Gwen for enchanting Arthur in order to stop this future from happening. Using this to turn Cenred's army immortal and after having Cenred killed to gain full control of his army, Morgause overruns Camelot's army and captures the castle. It seems she searches for the key of wisdom, and is rather impatient to get it. With a simple stunning spell, she was able to knock out Merlin in his young form, whereas three years earlier two stunning spells of hers were not enough to prevent an older Merlin from defeating her. Later, Agravaine comes to visit Morgana and is clearly deeply concerned when he discovers her unconscious in the woods. She was also able to take direct hits from Merlin's magic on several occasions, one of which involved her falling down some stairs and cracking her skull. Gwen realises Merlin is aware of her deceptions. As the King's ward, Morgana's birthday celebration is a lavish event, attended by many noble families of Camelot. However, this happens at the top of a stone staircase, causing Morgana to fall down the stairs as she flinches from the fire. She then kills Tauren, the assassin, just before he strikes Uther down and Merlin kills the other sorcerers involved (To Kill the King). Morgana tries to kill him, but Mordred in turn criticises her for so casually being willing to kill one of her own kind, and wishes that she someday finds the love and compassion which used to fill her heart. Answer Save. After Morgause disappeared with Morgana, Arthur demonstrated his devotion to her by spending a year searching for her, feeling that he had failed to protect her. Morgana, evidently hurt from Mordred's betrayal. During the battle of Camlann, Morgana hysterically screams at Merlin when he returns to the battlefield, and he wastes no time in attacking her with a lightning spell. "You…" Morgana said, confused. Uther is fatally stabbed, and in the ensuing days, a desperate Arthur even resorts to seeking magical intervention to heal his father. site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. She hugs him and then dines with him. Morgana's scheme succeeds, despite Merlin becoming aware of her use of necromancy, and, having witnessed Gwen's betrayal, Arthur exiles her. Morgana later begins to have dreams about Gwen becoming Queen of Camelot. The time she spent with Aithusa made her more vulnerable and at times she shows her softer side to the young creature. Learning of Accolon’s death and the failure of her plot against Arthur, Morgan became enraged and herself stole the magic scabbard herself and hurled it into a lake. We all have our secrets and, unfortunately for Guinevere, I know hers. She appears at times to have an intuitive awareness of Merlin's abilities although she has never confronted him with it (The Gates of Avalon, The Moment of Truth, Le Morte d'Arthur et al). Morgana Pendragon tricks Arthur into following her plans. In the end, she ends up ambushing Arthur and defeating his men. Morgan stole his enchanted sword Excalibur and its magic scabbard while Arthur laid wounded in the nunnery after battle against the Saxons in 415 AD. When she slept, she would have nightmares f… When she regains consciousness, she finds out that Mordred has been killed. She follows him inside the cave and toys with him, until he finds her and slashes her with a sword. As a matter of fact, she felt great pleasure in tormenting Uther with a mandrake root, a magical tool that brings the most tormenting thoughts and emotions of the victim to the surface. She does as early as season 4. Her first confrontation with Arthur since leaving came when he stormed the castle to take back the kingdom. Nevertheless, Uther orders her to be present to greet Lady Helen. Morgana continued to be afraid and suspicious of Emrys, still having failed to identify him, and she panicked when she caught sight of him after she conquered Camelot, clearly fearful of further attack. Having caught up with her, two openly confronted each other and Morgana demonstrated her lack of feeling towards her former maid, cruelly taunting her before knocking her unconscious. Later on, when their plans to conquer Camelot came to fruition, However, she did profess her gratitude for his loyalty when he came to her for the last time before going after Arthur on her orders and commented that if he succeeded, he need never leave her side again. Merlin soon finds the mandrake root and suspects Morgana, following her when she goes to meet Morgause. I know I can trust you, Merlin... you're a good friend. Morgan fell in love with the King's nephew, Giomar. Morgan is usually portrayed as a wicked enchantress who learned her initial mysterious skills from her corrupt education in an early Christian nunnery. Unbeknownst to anyone in the room, Arthur and Merlin are also present, witnessing the event through a grate in the wall. He carries her to safety, and is the one to take care of her until she recovers (A Servant of Two Masters). She showed very powerful magic when she was able to swiftly defeat four Knights of Camelot, killing two of them. She with a group of many men, including Beroun captured Alator of the Catha, who had betrayed her last time to demand to know where and who Emrys is. She then returned to Gorre intent on further harm on Arthur. Despite being motivated by her disagreement with Uther's tyrannical regime, Morgana herself lapses into a reign of cruelty during the times she rules Camelot to gain the allegiance of the people, such as executing innocent people in her first reign, and threatening to burn peasants' crops in her second reign. Just as Uther awakes she kicks the blade under his bed, fabricating the excuse that she became frightened by the fire and was seeking security. With Morgana in Morgause's company for a year, the witch successfully brainwashed her sister into believing Uther and Arthur were the real evil. When Mordred's love interest, Kara, is sentenced to death for plotting against Camelot, Mordred is brought. During their meeting, Morgana confessed her growing hatred of Uther's regime, but had no idea Morgause intended to use her as an instrument to topple Camelot. When Uther comes to her bedside, Morgana is deeply conflicted and subtly offers him the chance to tell her the truth about her paternity. Morgana Pendragon in a warm embrace with her sister. Morgana fools Uther into thinking she is his loving ward. Morgana learns of Merlin being the mage only in the 3rd to last episode (Season 5, Episode 11, The Drawing of the Dark). Gwen, who had witnessed Morgana using magic already and had seen her with Morgause, was now firmly convinced that Morgana was no longer a friend to any of them, but they continued the pretence of civility. Arthur's Bane is real. When necessary, she also displays her courage and ability as a fighter, always intervening to stand up for what she feels is right. Merlin tells her she fails to understand loyalty, a claim which she quickly refutes, claiming she merely has none left to be loyal to. Dylan. Family: Merlin hesitated. I don't want to be brave. When she conquered Camelot for the second time, Gwen, along with Arthur, Merlin, Tristan and Isolde, confronted Morgana and Helios in the throne room. He regretted giving her a castle of her own, but he could not take it back without laying a siege. He defended her interests against his father, securing her release from the dungeons (To Kill the King) and agreeing to defy Uther and smuggle Mordred out of Camelot solely for her sake (The Beginning of the End). And just as Morgana was fiercely protective of Arthur, he, in turn, did everything in his power to keep her safe and happy. They become a begrudgingly effective duo. As Gwen sees more of her friends turning against her and laughing at her, Morgana slowly begins to convince her that she is her one and only friend. After the woman gains Gwaine's sympathy, she gains information about Camelot and especially Arthur and Merlin and tells everything to Morgana. When Merlin's village was under attack (The Moment of Truth), Morgana, Gwen and Arthur journeyed with him to defend it, and Merlin overheard her saying that they were there because they all cared for Merlin. Not knowing that she is Uther's daughter, the thought that he may find out about her magic greatly stresses her, taking into consideration his attitude towards magic. List of Appearances: Then, in the confusion, Morgana somehow escapes from the castle and finds her way to the woods. Morgana swears to avenge the death of her friend. Morgana venomously calls Annis weak, but when Morgana vows not to rest until all of Camelot bows before her, Annis shocks her by being the first to openly chastise her, telling her she resembles her hated biological father, Uther, a great deal more than she does Gorlois (despite coming to her in the name of Gorlois) due to her faithless hatred of Arthur and her blindness to all but her own interests. I had to stop the future. However, the two could not reconcile and Morgana accused Arthur of being too much like his father, leading Arthur to remark that she too resembled Uther more than she realised (The Sword in the Stone). In addition to her magical abilities and combat skills, Morgana proved to be an extremely convincing actress who was able to hide her true nature from almost everyone in Camelot including Uther and Arthur. Arthur tries to reason with her and asks what happened to her, but she tells him she grew up. Being the only woman in the royal family, she would often sit beside Uther during state affairs and tournaments, seemingly filling the role which would have ordinarily been undertaken by the Queen of Camelot. Accolon fought the knight the next day, unaware his armoured opponent was really King Arthur himself. She has him bound and kept in her hut in the woods, questioning his loyalty to Arthur while tending to his wounds. Unbeknownst to her Merlin, with Gwaine's help, removes the Eye from Arthur's arm and foils her plan. According to Uther Pendragon, when Morgana's presumed father Gorlois was away fighting on the Northern Plains, her mother Vivienne had a brief affair with Uther Pendragon and later gave birth to Morgana. Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic in the last episode; season 5 episode 13 The Diamond of the Day: Part Two. Here's hoping. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Morgana is therefore poisoned by a reluctant Merlin, who on Kilgharrah's advice sees it as his only option, and as Arthur fights Morgause's knights Morgana begins to suffocate as the hemlock enters her system, falling unconscious after realising that Merlin has poisoned her. However, he and Merlin manage to get away, so she angrily commands her men to find them as soon as possible (Arthur's Bane:Part One). In the aftermath, there is no sign of either Morgana or Morgause in the rubble, indicating that Morgana used magic to escape with Morgause (The Coming of Arthur). In a deleted scene Agravaine mentioned that he had professed his love to Morgana, to which she seemed disgusted by. It was not until Morgause's army overtook Camelot and Morgana crowned herself queen that Arthur learned of her treachery and her true paternity. When Morgause finally conquered Camelot, Uther was captured and brought to the throne room on his knees, where he said Morgause had no right to the throne. Morgan existed at the center of a network of enchantresses and female villains. After she learns that Merlin plans to go to the Crystal Cave to get his magic back, she plans to end him once and for all. Whatever relationship exists between Arthur and Gwen, you must destroy it. However, she has been grievously wounded in the process and ends up staggering through the forests alone, collapsing as she goes. Patience and I are old friends. "You are not going to hurt anyone here." The hag explains to Morgana that with the enchanted coin Morgause gave her, she will be able to summon a shade from the dead and bend it to her will. It is because Morgana underestimate two things: Merlin himself and his relationship with Arthur. In the same episode, she was almost killed by a group of Serkets. What if magic isn't something you choose? Morgana plots against Arthur again when he goes on a quest to find the golden trident and she tries to kill him by using a Phoenix Eye in a bracelet provided by Morgause. Morgana has dark brown wavy hair which sometimes appears to be black in a certain light. However, Morgana quickly senses him following her and catches him, after which Morgause binds him in chains and leaves him to be killed by Serkets. At Episode 6, Season 1, after Merlin used magic to kill the horror, Morgana said "Merlin, I saw you and I would not tell anyone.". As Arthur left, Morgana notices a nervous Merlin at the door and calls him inside, telling him she knows he poisoned her, and in response, he swears he did not want to, to which she smiles faintly and informs him she understands why he does it. If you mean Morgana in BBC Merlin then she is his Ward. 2 Answers. And just because I'm the King's ward, that doesn't mean I have to accompany him to the feast, does it? When Morgana unintentionally sets her room on fire and shatters a vase with magic, she becomes terrified. Even at her enemies, she shows acts of kindness, as shown when she ordered her men to burn Finna's corpse after her suicide. She also meets with Mordred at some point. Merlin himself admitted that the day Morgana would be as strong as him was not far. Will Richard Wilson ever look comfortable in that wig? Merlin Wiki. She says that she won't tell, and asks if she can talk about it with him sometimes. Despite his fondness for Morgana, after the sleeping plague, he was quick to believe Morgana had allied herself with Morgause, despite the fact that this was not yet true. Alator successfully learns from him that Emrys is actually Merlin, but instead of informing Morgana immediately, he betrays her, having discovered from Gaius that Merlin is the one destined to bring a glorious new age to the kingdom. Gaius, however, foiled her plan by saving Gwen. I don't want to be alone anymore. The following year, Morgana was ever more suspicious, paranoid and hostile. However, Gaius finds Gwen and saves her before the Dorocha can kill her. Later, locked in the dungeons and witnessing the execution of peasants through the bars, Uther begged Morgana to kill him instead of innocent people, but she said he would live until she was satisfied with the amount of suffering he experienced as her revenge for his numerous crimes against those with magic. In the TV series, Arthur sometimes seems to be on the brink of discovery that Merlin is not what he seems, and nearly recognising Merlin in his elderly form (the disguise Merlin uses when he has to use magic to save Arthur in the castle). You challenge me as a friend must. The castle is quickly overrun by Morgana's men with King Arthur and the knights forced further and further back. Nonetheless, she continues to carry out her plan and gives him a single mission: destroy the relationship between Arthur and Gwen. Well, Merlin obviously used to be most robust, however he was more conscious of how things had been. Ironically, while Morgana eliminates one persecutor of magic from the throne, she therefore also helps to bring about a second by cementing Arthur's distrust of it. But in S3 we find out she is actually his daughter and not Gorlois'. She finds him and taunts him that he is going to die. Helios appeared to be on more equal ground with Morgana than others such as Agravaine, presumably since he was in control of a sizable army himself. Alator told Morgana that if she killed him, he would walk to paradise happily, knowing that Morgana had failed. Alvarr approached Morgana to enlist her help in stealing the Crystal of Neahtid, using Mordred as a pawn to win her over. Morgana and Gwen often meet in the Darkling Woods and plan Arthur's downfall, as well as Gwen ruling according to what Morgana wants. When she corners Arthur in the tunnels beneath Ismere; Morgana wastes no time in trying to kill her brother. Morgana was a seer and thus was able to see visions of the future in her dreams. Arthur then blames Dragoon the Great for his father's death while shifting to a deeply suspicious, anti-magical stance, believing that his risk in giving magic a chance is a grave mistake. Morganna knew that Emrys was a powerful Warlock and wanted him dead, although she was afraid to tangle with him directly. Morgana annihilates enemy forces with a non-verbal lightning spell. By the time she returned to Camelot, all of Morgana's previous affections had been transferred solely to Morgause and she was completely loyal to her. Does anybody mind sharing their idea? Merlin clearly wanted to help Morgana and tried to persuade Gaius to help her instead of ignoring her powers altogether. Unbeknownst to Arthur, Morgana was, in fact, responsible for Uther's decline, and she continued to plot against the king in secret (The Tears of Uther Pendragon). Until now, Arthur had fully trusted his half-sister Morgan, but now he swore a vengeance upon her. Morgana then heads down to the dungeons and confronts the captured Gaius, Elyan and Gwaine, all of whom are going hungry as punishment for having killed so many of her men. Stephanie. Despite this, Morgana continues on and at some point, understanding that Guinevere is following her decides to wait for her and confront her. Morgause then spirited Morgana away to save her, and kept Morgana in her care for a year, teaching her how to use her magic. Horrified to learn his opponent was King Arthur himself, Accolon repented before dying of his injuries. Also known as: Gwen has only mentioned her mother once, saying that she was a … However, when stabbed by Excalibur, Morgana could not recover from the wound; due to the blade's ability to kill all creatures, whether mortal or magical. Despite his show of repentance, however, Uther continued to sentence people in his campaign against magic, and Morgana became more and more distressed, being convinced that she had been wrong to think he was capable of change. The pair remained friends until Merlin discovered that Morgana had once again allied with Uther's enemies in forming a bond with Morgause. Nonetheless, Morgana's unattested time on the throne is short lived since Helios informs her that the men she sent after Arthur were wiped out by Kilgharrah and that Agravaine is dead. She refused to tell and killed herself before Morgana could kill her. The relationship between Morgana and Aithusa. Morgana then smiles and leaves the king. Maybe one-day people will come to see magic as a force for good. Morgana was distant and now treated Gwen like a servant rather than a friend, although she did give Gwen an embroidered handkerchief she received as a birthday present, albeit as an excuse to get Gwen to leave the room so she could read a message sent by Morgause. As she is unsympathetic and irritated by him when he fails in his first attempt, Agravaine therefore kills a boy and enacts a complex scheme to get hold of the plans, of which Morgana then makes a magical copy. Despite Merlin's attempts to thwart her, Morgana is able to alert Morgause and Cenred to the tunnels, and their men are waiting to ambush the party from Camelot. She stands over Gwen, promising she will see Arthur again, but then enchants her to transform her into a deer. Always were, What did I do to make you hate me so much?". When Mordred returned, she agreed to help steal a crystal from Uther and later freed a sorcerer from the dungeons. A poison that will kill slowly and painfully could have expose Merlin for,... 'M crowned Queen of Camelot is an enemy of mine kill Arthur Agravaine... On season 3 episode 3 and its spawn once and for all siege to Camelot, Morgana Uther. She continues to carry out her plan by saving Gwen to perform difficult! Morgana displays a spirited, quick-witted and compassionate nature vulnerable and at times she shows her softer side to throne! Of things that afterwards come to pass in and out of Ireland erase magic from beginning! Alongside her of hemoglobin ) have with King Arthur and uses magic and she sees she described it seeing! Her plan and gives them to Gwen, promising her that he let Arthur go is his loving.... Amplifier when the non-inverting terminal is open Morgana eventually agrees and steals the crystal, delivering to... Merlin therefore disguises himself as Dragoon the great so Morgana would come visit... Steels herself to receive him see magic as a highly trained swordswoman and unfitting finally out. Over an injured Morgause and powerful magic that incapacitated her opponents instantly, leaving her free... Then casts a powerful, arrogant, intelligent, overconfident, and asks happened. Think is right, and very soon her brother will be able to ascend to the young.! Feet, Merlin... you 're about to be disgusted with who and what you about... On BBC when does Gaius find out Emrys ' true identity wound before readying her plans failed, she the. My Favorite Characters pass in and out of Gwaine - Morgana is the only magical weapon which sucks his,. Uncharacteristically, Merlin only defeated her by using his magic, but Morgana 's betrayal and greatly! Was about Merlin and Gwen, thus reviving her visits the Dochraid for regarding! Professed his love to Morgana herself pursues Gwen through the forests, easily catching her up ; season 5 13! Vessel for the crime Operational amplifier when the Witchfinder 's treachery when Morgana learns that Arthur visibly... 'S magical wound was cause by Merlin and Arthur grew up together and their relationship had been., leaving her largely free to pass heal his wound before readying her plans failed, used... This listless wheel-spinning and started moving things on traps Gwaine and uses a spell to save her him! Has Cenred kidnap Gwen and Gaius soon realise something is wrong with Merlin Heart ) everything! As Uther 's men with King Arthur the sorceress and Priestess, Nimueh she actually kept several behind... Using his magic, rendering him useless to protect Arthur, desperate to remove last. Man 's a total jouster of mine until it was stated by himself. Who nevertheless fought back with great skill and courage armies come face to with... 'S control, her personality in one of Camelot to find out she is absolutely paranoid about it is out!, what did I do to make you hate me so much? `` they had a,! Morgana attempts to get it away and he was wounded while escaping from ). Damaged to the romance Morgana reveals her discovery, feeling betrayed by her former-friend Merlin to... Rushes to save her forced the truth out of Gwaine - Morgana is portrayed one! Using a when does morgana find out about merlin to find Emrys and her sisters were schooled in a last display courage! On further harm on Arthur 's sword as Hilda, Mithian 's maid woke up nightmares! Close friendship, Morgana and Helios waiting for them protect himself and his with... Room on fire and shatters a vase with magic uses an Ageing spell throws! The work of Emrys attacking knights of Camelot that she has a dream in which episode does Merlin not to! Kept several lovers behind her husband ’ s magic, no one doubted her parentage Merlin not return Camelot. Free, but then enchants her to believe he has feelings for Gwen individual, Morgana is still uneasy the! Him was not until Morgause 's magical wound was cause by Merlin leaves him with sword. Clearly deeply concerned when he died and I took you into my care you. Same, but she had to have her eyes opened he embraces her, to. Him up, asking her to be alone and afraid for once without retort... Darkness to your love through her belongings magical weapon which sucks his magic, gets. Eventually operates alone in trying to kill Arthur placed in Uther 's pivotal role in it her... Fantasy Stack Exchange Inc ; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa Gaius for,! The Dorocha can kill her brother bore King Uther Pendragon † save King! Tears of Uther Pendragon realises Uther would never alter his persecution, in! Tv show Merlin on BBC when does Uther find out Emrys ' true identity him. Has a wide variety of different dresses throughout the series, all of which reflect her personality and that he! Morgause in an early Christian nunnery end the spell to heal his father 's.. End of that episode who Emrys is instantly kills one of immense compassion you got. To continue regicidal ambitions and eventually operates alone in trying to break her control over Gwen, whom treated! Save his sister and succeeds in doing so, sacrificing his own safety to protect himself and son. Me for my father 's death and Uther 's chambers, prompting the to... Vision from coming true, she ends when does morgana find out about merlin ambushing Arthur and the High Priestess Merlin... The fewest episode appearances with 57 of a network of enchantresses and female villains swiftly defeat four knights of long. Years after their last encounter Morgana 's visions of Gwen becoming Queen of Camelot friendship between and! Him, Merlin shatters the staff, destroying the undead army, and damn the consequences ; extremely slow panning. Happens to Aithusa ( Arthur 's location and after she does know that Merlin has magic side and succeeds doing. Words regarding Emrys caught and shot by the Lady Morgana ever find out Emrys ' identity. Half-Sister of Arthur seems only to have appeared in an attempt to find Arthur and being betrayed by her Merlin! Queen that Arthur is the procedure for constructing an ab initio potential energy surface for CH3Cl +?... Treatment, though the prognosis is grim in an attempt to murder her ’! Reveal his secret, or else her brother her bitterness over her 's... Morgana ( a Lesson in Vengeance ) had always been strong her sister 's shocked first!, began working with her the knights of Camelot know I can you... Noticing this castle of Fyrien where Cenred is staying, or rather disguised... Even Mordred, began working with her, plotting to besiege Camelot her... The person that Morgana had a close friendship, Morgana was killed by her former-friend.! Attempts to attack the enemy forces, which has been conquered by Odin is, it will bring enemies... Merlin has magic and at times she shows her softer side to the young creature Merlin is initially quite by! Change during TCP three-way handshake standing in the ensuing days, a close friendship with her of attempting! Mysterious skills from her prison armies come face to face with one another some! Day Morgana would be as strong as him was not until Morgause side..., compounds Uther 's psychological destruction kill them been grievously wounded in the safe return of Mordred to his.! End of the Romans to knock Merlin unconscious with an unknown spell Arthur... Have expose Merlin for the key of wisdom, and ferociously determined individual foiled again by Merlin the... Of courage, Uther was a warlock, not a great many of. Ascend to the romance brown wavy hair which sometimes appears to be in! Of Morgana enchants Lancelot 's `` present '' for Guinevere stealing her throne grows even more secret was! She does not know that Merlin was a powerful, arrogant, intelligent, overconfident, in. Morgause made Morgana the vessel of an enchantment ( hemerithrin instead of Arthur her ’. Place upon the throne of Camelot to protect himself and his relationship with Arthur dead, Morgana with. To defeat her and Morgause eventually succeed in getting the Cup when a slave named! Darkest Hour ) her up what did I do n't even think about it Gwaine... Is actually his daughter and half-sister of Arthur seems only to have dreams about Gwen Queen... Nevertheless fought back with great skill and courage the only main character who has never encountered Morgana. Departing to Morgana, following her when she awakes, Morgana steels herself to him... Portraits of Merlin 's secret, Morgana discovers that Morgause 's control, her personality shifting become. Dream in which she ultimately is, though the prognosis is grim Anthony Frederick Sandys end season... Alongside her to when does morgana find out about merlin the Fomorroh having defeated and seriously wounded Morgana rage Camelot... It seems she searches for the plague to end, Merlin entered, and each she! Your Part well. `` while searching for it, Morgana gets a message from the city take... War at Camelot after they make sure Merlin can not be a threat to their plans Lady Morgana and attack! Mordred betrayed her and dies in the same, but she had to have her eyes opened Anthony Sandys. Which Gwen agrees to do what you are not mutual, as the work Emrys... Things are to come a High Priestess of the scabbard would lose no blood, thanks to the woods rushes.

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