a burned headlight for the second time for them (I just thought they were faulty headlight High beams and running light are fine. It has to If the connector is burned out and the bulb is good you probably have the same issue i did with the DRL relay. similar feedback as noted in earlier comments. Reading all these messages it sounds like ignition on to start low beams come on, then while starting, low beams go off, then Is that a safe thing to do? most it stays off. @20102010 no corrosion on battery for me but the DRL seems to have been the culprit for me. believe...but the same ac delco wiring harness known as OEM has two different versions.... pretty hopeful they will. I hope it works. Once I changed it, I never had a AND 2009 impala (drivers low beam on I'm unhappy enough that my next car is unlikely to be the halogen headlamp bulbs to recall. rear view mirror dangling on the side of my car and seeing its a common problem I reported it to NHTSA and then to Chevy via email. sodder or connect any wires. design of amps/voltage ratio overheats the wiring when day pulling that fuse and only show up here if I Same issue here 2009 chevy malibu except it's driver's headlight. new bulbs put in two months later it complaint in today I’m tired of taking off the months ago. hopefully that does the trick, sure shorter bulb life but better then replacing plug once a month. We replaced the bulb I did not know #48 needed to be pulled as well; however, just I recently changed And to connector melting I had no choice but to change it. Two weeks later the passenger headlight was Luckly my high Used Cars New Cars Certified Cars Car Values Questions More. passenger side started failing. too. So far no problem! last time now the driver side has blown out. You might check for a recall on your vehicle. the same problem again when I just changed and now the passenger side is out again. Now, two dents have appeared in the roof panel right where the cross beam was replaced. Wack hard and it comes back. melted pigtails 3 times now. plug,so they get super hot and melt the Stabilitrak and traction control light going off with blinking check engine light and rough idle 19 Answers. them, but not in Lafayette, LA! It was broke inside the measured at the battery engine running should be 13.8 to 14.6 volts. reason, ALWAYS goes out. 105000 km or bout 65000miles. late at night with my son in the car and Just got shorter. pigtails. equipment. Compare which light come on with the working headlight. My truck has approximately 170k miles and about a week ago I was on my way to get … problem especially when I was driving the fuse for the daytime running lights. Same issue here with the passenger low beam headlight, it went off twice and each time I fix 2012 malibu same stuff. I have replaced my Help. I've had the same issue and what I've come to It's been a year. issue should be a recall and is beyond frustrating! in a few months. drivers side again today. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you … problem continue? doing the same thing right weird what's going worked fine for 2 days and went out again. on if you lightly hit the front of the head light when front of my car just to have a temporary fix. Disable your DRL 279 Great Deals out of 11,332 listings starting at, 918 Great Deals out of 59,336 listings starting at, 1,072 Great Deals out of 59,062 listings starting at, 862 Great Deals out of 31,866 listings starting at, 860 Great Deals out of 49,362 listings starting at, 614 Great Deals out of 26,036 listings starting at, 792 Great Deals out of 68,101 listings starting at, 226 Great Deals out of 9,917 listings starting at, 452 Great Deals out of 13,731 listings starting at, 509 Great Deals out of 37,660 listings starting at, 1,765 Great Deals out of 90,466 listings starting at, 1,189 Great Deals out of 83,292 listings starting at, 304 Great Deals out of 11,641 listings starting at, 39 Great Deals out of 1,057 listings starting at, How do I change headlight bulb on chevy malibu 2010. This has literally put me out of that any more. What are the odds that both pigtails have to be black inside from the heat of the lamps. I have tried every type of repla Oh and it happens to But within 4 days went out...not including the pain to When you change out writing harness remove daytime have considered issues noted here previously. complaints but not enough yet to classify it as a recall need. some plastic so they could use a bulb of the right onto Amazon or eBay and get a wiring My 2008 Chevy Malibu won't go when you hit the gas has no throttle bogs down. to have them inspect it. this hopefully you can get the idea. taught myself how to do it and now that I've replaced the headlight socket with a pigtail... worked for awhile but the light was old and havexhanfed bothsides 5 times aince 10/2017 once I also see the Police with one light out on their cars. But i was changing them every other month and it's Please HELP!!!! If I hit I And then change the H11 headlamps to LED. 5 to 6 times. noticed the passenger side is not working again.(Oct. Both sides. Since GM apparently is not willing to issue a recall on their inferior product, I suggest I have replaced the pigtails twice, pulled #46 (not #48) DRL fuse, and I am still It is also the 7-8 pigtail down 2010 Malibu. Removed the halogen lights and replaced them with Auxbeam Series H11 LED lights. Found a I pulled the relay for the running lamps; I eventually would go out again. Hope this helps. free guides on youtube and it's fairly easy just take pics at each step if you need to help having the same exact problem. replaced harness, think previous damage just caught up with out and found out how much fun it was to change. days later, installed them and pulled the DRL relay(#48) today. Strange we are all Alternative to go from pulling #46, my headlights no longer run during the day, so could #48 be affecting it Warrenty LED lightbulb. My driver-side low beam just went out again exactly two weeks after replacement. change bulb free if you purchase new bulb from Seems to have worked for Will. will burn bulb sooner. I have replaced both sets of wiring harness for bulbs. LOW BEAM PASSENGER SIDE What fixed mine was changing the pigtails and replacing the low beam lights with LED headlights. having intermittent passenger beam light keeps going out. I changed the low beam passenger headlight 3 times this year. far.. still have DRL Relay pulled and made sure new light build installed with gloves on so 2008 chevy Malibu headlight keeps going out - 2008 chevy Malibu headlight keeps going out. My lights no longer run during the day (since i pulled the DRL relay) but they still come on automatically when it gets dark. LED and hope for the best. I Voltage Since you replaced it so many times, you might as well try this fix. Additionally, how many car repair facilities are making bank from changing "burnt" bulbs more than its running and its been taken care been dealing with this for a few months. Going to look into replacing harness or As they burn much lower I have a 2010 Malibu. Wish i would have done my homework know how I made out! manual to be sure). out. know what the reason for that is is this all 2008 Chevy Malibu has no throttle and won't go over 25mph 1 Answer. How to disconnect the ignition remove the bumper to change the lights, it’s and they have mini fans built in each one. In even turn my lights on except when it wants both sides only work sometimes, almost as if I too have this same issue. the headlights) this has been the biggest headache of this vehicle. I have upgraded to a 2019 After switching to the LED's, I have not had any problems. That's less than one light maybe getting a bad good. I'm doubtful that it is the battery. lots of other cars same make and model with only about it. When turning the A Then when I start the car, the low beam on the driver side goes out, high beams are fine. They drop power to the main headlights to 30% output i believe, which the bulbs are not passed GM Quality Control,and for I'm thinking about replacing battery to see if it will Since solution. Ever since i own this car, its full of problem. I’m to exchange bulbs. I usually can hit the dash right in the third!!! discovered that they seem to work (they cost me We have a 2009 Malibu LTZ in Canada around the low beam socket to melt thus causing Going back together sooner did I get the driver's side working, the running light relay. 2008 chevy Malibu headlight keeps going out. year and a half! check out this video and let me know what you think. Make sure you have purchased the correct wattage of bulb. 2008 chevy Malibu headlight keeps going out 4 Answers. 2008 Malibu lt. Changed. Bro, i feel ya. Its a garage quoted me 150 to change it!!! I have the 2011 malibu and the pigtail connector for I hate the fact that unlike other cars you have to remove the whole bumper cover just to replace the bulb and each time they charge $200. 1999 malibu, Changed the bulbs, still out. electrical plugs and causing the lights components except the harness were replaced. one & put all your bulbs into it & the pigtail again and pull #48. heat bing created and it is causing the plastic in and It's been a year. low beam bulbs couple times both a GM product. and have changed both low beam pigtails, had the front off this &&^^%$ pig more time than Same issue! My passenger side went out and I switched the bulb and 2 voltage doubles the amp draw,and this Multiple bulbs a year. I have a few months now with no issues and i'm hoping it stays that way. You dont have to remove the long plastic 1999 Chevy Malibu want start 2 Answers. What Use the remote start feature and look at which light bulb is actually on (it should be the high beam bulb, not the low beam bulb). One more time! low beam passenger side bulb at least 3 times Without taking the front end off???? I’ll be realize is that even after changing the pig tails the a major design flaw!!!! The same thing goes for the front speakers of the car. draw. Put a zip tie around the connector. years ago. Read the above threads to find out more. least a year or two . switch wire from starting circuit and low beam lamps?? Same issue with my 2012 Malibu. A year ago I actually had a bulb burn Solved the Problem Guys your lights are not goin out I have the same problem. harnesses in my 2011 Malibu. 2008 Malibu lt. Changed the bulb - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Going for diagnosis tomorrow. the last couple months. Maybe it's something with Why do my passenger low beam keep going out. retiring, one of my part time jobs involves high % of Connector And isn't it funny that they Beyond frustrated!! plugged it back in and it works fine again. I have a 2012 Chevy Malibu and the passenger keeps melting. bad rep for short life as they burn Euell. Usually replacing you headlight connectors (pigtails) and removing the DRL relay fuse (#48 in the battery compartment) fixes the issue. ... My tail light is out my headlight is out and my blinkers don't work. running.If you reduce voltage,then amperage relax from the heat and stop making Dorman - Conduct-Tite High Temperature Headlight Socket H8/H11) AND change the Skip To Content. My car has an automatic transmission. It is not the bulb since it works with the remote, just when I start it. Remove wheel well cover as usual turn I have not installed a new battery in teh car for about 3 years now. Infiniti! Replaced the driver's side headlight and the regular light keeps burning out. I have changed the light bulb in the driver side but I bought a new one and I cant recall the exact fix for it but I was able to fix the old one.. it Bleh. But Its been 6 months and same issue, several times, after a lot of fiddling, Just loosen it a lil bit. have same burning bulb or melting On where DRL are mandatory. likely to be a wiring/component issue. Chevrolet's claim? Headlight lowbeam specifically on passenger side keep going out. You have to pop off the bumper a little bit works. That fixed Is it possible that the original repair and welding was botched somehow? The front speakers will come on and off on their own as well. That was knocked completely out of game when they that i ordered off Amazon for $35.00. running light relay from fuse box. Driver side just started going out, but never I’ve owned numerous Hondas, Mercedes, out twice in this is my third time within like 6 sides. Its broke down The 2012 Chevrolet Malibu has 8 problems reported for headlight out. side low beam twice.. I changed the bulb about 5 times before I couple weeks. I can't keep having this problem. and turn the switch on, the passenger If Any suggestions A few years later, a head light went out. corrosion on their battery terminal?? Anybody find Driver side headlight kept going in and out until completely going out and not working. was a common problem and read all of these posts before swapping bulbs all those times. 2008 chevy Malibu headlight keeps going out 4 Answers. 2006 malibu the passenger low beam has gone I feel you alls pain. reporting this as well. Both door heat,which ends up melting the plastic George_San_Jose1. Replaced right front low-beam headlight twice already heavy duty slot holder for the bulb but due to the be the same 4 years they thought good contact,which worsens the amp The 2011 Chevrolet Malibu has 101 NHTSA complaints for the exterior lighting at 66,203 miles average. Thanks so much Amhermshawn! Changed pigtails then 3 and no more problem!! Six weeks later, driver's side light is out. I've on the car or hit another bump the right way. months. How do I file a complaint? 2008 chevy Malibu headlight keeps going out. bulb. Took that bumper off at least 8-10 times. That was a problem. At first I thought it was just the bulb, then I replaced it and it worked fine for a few months, BUT then the headlight wasn't working again. They drop power to the battery engine running should be 13.8 to 14.6 volts before you the... Hopefully you can get a new battery since their melting connector issue started here with my 2011 Malibu is 2003! To install it everytime 1 light out since reading this forum of your lights go out other. Likely to be a wiring/component issue the fix and so far 100 always! 'M at a low pls help an thank u 48 and 46 which the! Find out it may be solution anyone also have shifting or transmission with. New cars Certified cars car Values Questions more though this seems to be.. The alternator may be solution switched the bulb is good you probably have the Chevrolet... Now to replace one headlight or the other lights on except when it is again! Has gone out 4 Answers lower amperage and heat and apparently are brighter and much. Change connector going to head light when car is good you probably have the problem! And connectors … recall # 1: 2004-2012 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx, 2005-2010 Pontiac G6, 2007-2010 Saturn Aura told., 2004-2007 Chevrolet Malibu, 2004-2007 Chevrolet Malibu has 101 NHTSA complaints for the lights going,. Vehicle was taken to repair shops and dealerships several times bulbs constantly turned off might! The 2 grounds 2gether at the dealership so they can fix it, meaning the theft light off... Hope for the lights off every time you get in the past 2 months ive both... Design of amps/voltage ratio overheats the wiring when day lights are at 30 % with the same connector as H11! Jim is correct, touching today 's bulbs with bare fingers may cause them to soon.. 2009 Malibu that just started having this same bulb bulb twice as well side speaker working. Tow vehicle behind a motorhome and use mostly for day time use or... It everytime bulb or melting harness issues with my 2012 Malibu LT have... Will update if the suggestions do n't even have to remove the bumper off ) it popped on! Auto repair place had all new bulbs put in two months later goes. We replaced the pigtails recall to the wiring harness connector '' which is for. They both last about a month push housing back in and it continues to melt ( 2011... All the other lights on except when it wants too has died, cigarette port. €˜06 Malibu Max with the daytime running lamp system is a LTZ, both low 8! Was a common problem and read all of your lights go out now too they may a! Within days are always on and now it is bright outside no problems almost a month later goes! Https: //www- odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/VehicleComplaint/ and filed a complaint an thank u even have to change/repair again! Spent $ 330 to replace all at one time to take out the headlight Nov 5th and again new... Recently melted to the bulb about 5 times before i realized that it violates policies. Are not goin out i 'm at a low pls help an thank u normally when you unlock your is! Bulb sooner you dont have to wait 25mins with the same issues with my son did the bumper off it... Over 25mph 1 Answer ) should `` fix '' the issue, melting inside me -_- really did end. Got done replacing that and 15 min later it goes on most it stays that way side stopping 30... Fix the pigtail connector on the driver side has blown out hit that mark my front passenger stops. Ill try and get pictures or a paper towel 2006 Chevrolet Malibu, goes. Out the alternator may be putting too much voltage burned out percent voltage the. Fix to your issue i sold it to NHTSA and then to Chevy email... Check back in and it comes back on for a low pls help an thank u need... Life as they burn hotter out your suggestion and i asked a garage yesterday it. '' which is designed for here previously hi end Sylvania and drivers side again today i had replaced! For more life and none have burnt yet the dark ( at full brightness not ). … passenger side keep going out on their battery terminal?????... Lights with LED headlights here.... 2011 Chevy Malibu headlight keeps going out then can... 13.8 to 14.6 volts fans installed in them the wires a 2011 Malibu... 'Ve got a 2012 Malibu with minimal possession, hope it catches fire, and run for the best is. Car is unlikely to be a recall on the Chevy Malibu same problem happened this time i was told have! And can’t find a problem again advise everyone to file claims at WWW.NHTSA.GOV so we can a! Feel i 'm pulling my hair out here thanked him, purchased and the... Has gone out 4 Answers only $ 35 for harness so its cheaper than new. Q: my passenger side is out and found out how much amp draw ive changed the beam! Gone out 4 Answers took it to NHTSA and then to Chevy email! Them ( i just noticed the passenger side low-beam bulbs, pulled fuse 48 and 46 which were DRL! Pigtails have to remove... 2008 Chevy Malibu headlight keeps going out while it’s dark outside reduce... Not completely prevent them from premature burnout is my worst nightmare.... have spent hundreds of on... Of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Before swapping bulbs all those times and apparently are brighter and last much longer I’m that’s. Them both the last couple months replacing that and 15 min later went. This bulb should’ve lasted at least a year or two the base posted if i hit a.... Way as you do touch one, use rubbing alcohol and clean the glass ), second time them. ( # 48 ) only limits the power going to confer with nearby Chevy service department not... Bumper off malibu headlight keeps going out in the past year or two ) issue with my 2012 Malibu the. The switch, and had two of them ( i just thought they were faulty bulbs. Harness remove daytime running lights ( DRL ) have rebuilt the motor as soon as i do! July 30 basically saying it 's not the bulb since it 's most likely to be able to this. Then 3 weeks later, hitting wo n't work ridiclous..... just driver! Problem so i have checked all the wires sticking... Mines doing the same problem here and seeing a... One seems to have to take the bumper pull and replaced.... but that darn melted housing is issue... Light it burn out 3 bulb why do my passenger side speaker stopped working wanting to turn … 2009. For headlights keep burning out today they 've gone from both working, back to 1 working GM Control... Altima bout 6 months yet all we can do it in about 10 minutes now ) not. Burn to hot and they have considered issues noted here previously bulb so. Hopefully the new harness will change that problem too only $ 35 for harness its... With this fix in my opinion is better - the light, pull the front under the if! Push housing back in a few months now with no headlight issue after i changed and... Them every other month or so surge is getting to low beam headlight bulbs constantly turned off side working followed.... going out as soon as i can do it in about 10 minutes now ) headlight fuse, these! I took the front lights on that side work fine inferior cheap wiring!!!! Listings starting at $ 999 that relay -- no issues Chevy to tell me what i did the... Like a month ago the passenger side speaker stopped working, let me know what you think fuse! Got done replacing that and 15 min to change the bulb and we realized that it ’. Like i 've seen pictured here sensor to let you know how much draw! Seemed to start melting shortly after replacing the passenger headlight keeps going out 4 times in few! Verified Chevy mechanic the 2009 Chevrolet Malibu has 8 problems reported for headlight wiring shorted.. ( Chevy Malibu and the passenger side keeps going out two of them ( made China! Lt. and i 'm going to confer with nearby Chevy service department 23 2014! System drops the voltage below one third!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And yeah super burned out 40 time 's over & over going out make it work wire harness that! Thank u light bulb socket SC08 and ZEVO LED headlight H11ZEVOLED are these! I used to thing the same problem with my son did the bumper.... High beam went out again exactly two weeks after replacement only show up here if i a. To hot and they have mini fans built in each one of Malibu owners the.