This is my favorite go to cigar . The different layers are interesting and it does smoke well. Such a great smoke. Last update: 12-24-2020. If you do not meet the minimum age requirement, please do not enter our site. Price $19.95. Shop now. This cigar stuns you with vanilla taste the minute you put it in your mouth. Never have an issue with the wrapping or having to relight. Reliably smooth and enjoyable. Put them on sale again CI. What a treat, I bought these on sale that came along with a Drew Estates 5 cigar sampler. Excellent tobacco flavor under the infused flavor. we will replace or refund your purchase unconditionally. I am an occasional smoker and I keep coming back to this one. Love my cigars and bonus. These are, by far, my most favorite coffee flavored cigars on the market, and in my top 5 best cigars overall! I would smoke one of these every Sunday morning with my cup of coffee when deployed to Afghanistan, and I still do once every weekend. The burn has always been smooth and uniform to the end. Highly recommend! Very smooth and creamy. Very smooth with light flavor and good draw. Experience flavors like Corona Dulce, Cafe con Leche, Corna Negra, and more. They are arrived dry and tasteless and they did not exhibit the favorable smoke that I am accustomed to with other Tabak's even though Drew Estate is the most popular brand that I smoke. Might be my favorite cigar. It’s profile is always there leaving good notes of coffee style aroma on the palate. I highly recommend this stick! Smooth, tasty and mild flavored cigar. Tip is sweetened, and a little too sweet to begin with. Cafe con Leche has the best of both worlds with an intoxicating aroma and mix of hearty, espresso notes that are finished with a smooth French Vanilla note. Your 100% satisfaction is our mission. I will definitely be getting another one. Flavorful and delicious. These things are like candy never had a bad one you can enjoy this cigar anytime of day just awesome it's a keeper. Flavor is great for a beginner's smoke. I'm sorry, but unless u love a chocalate latte with a sweet paper wrapper , save you money. does not sell products to anyone under the age of 21. I’ve smoked a lot of cigars at different price levels, but these are my favorite, by far. Not to be had with a good single malt. They were a huge hit, which made them buy some for themselves after the event. The prices and selection is one of the best. well flavored. Very mild but it has a great flavor profile of Carmel, cinnamon and earth. Tobacco flavor is present, but under a strong flavoring of coffee and chocolate. This cigar is it. Everytime i light one of these cigars, people always tell me how good it smells. The cafe con leche is my favorite cigar. Shipment was very quick. I had a issue and Cigar international took care of it. Outstanding burn, draw, ash, and flavor.Buy some today, before the chumps in Washington say we can't have them anymore. My only conclusion was maybe I was tasting the glue the used on the cigar label? Great service. A fantastic smoke! The tip is like a shot of espresso with a sweet taste on the lips. I love this website and have since ordered another box and everything was just the same as the first order. Stay connected and sign-up for emails to get exclusive deals and event info. Cubiche Cafe Con Leche Multi Flavor Natural 4 x 35 . If Drew Estate has missed the mark with a stogie I’m not aware of it, and Tabak Especial is no exception. First draw there is no resistance in the cigar like the fill inside is not compressed enough. Good smoke and aroma, not too harsh at first perhaps a little as it gets to where I generally smoke it.. One of the great Drew estate cigars that goes very well with coffee. Enough said. We are dedicated to earning your trust and loyalty every day. Would have given it 5 stars, but they but they suffered from crazy burn . As I have been a fan of many of the acid cigars, I think this is one of the best. 5 out of 5. One of the best flavor cigars that is put there in the market. Not my first choice for a cigar, but definitely an excellent change of pace. My wife and I enjoy them very much. Loads of sweet cocoa. Cafe Con Leche Stout is a Stout - Sweet / Milk style beer brewed by Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, FL. Unfortunately none of the cigar shops in Houston sell this particular cigar . will be getting more. Perfect with a cup of coffee, dessert or just on it's own. A breakfast staple in the Cuban bastions of Tampa and Miami, the Café con Leche is a Spanish coffee beverage consisting of bold espresso mixed with scalded milk. Café Con Leche. 3 Reviews. These cigars have amazing flavor, and burns great. Find the lowest prices on quality cigars at Best Cigar Prices. Smoke is perfect. A mild but sweet cigar. Very smooth, easy draw and great taste. Great Flavor good burn. Good stick, sweet taste nice creamy smoke. Nice burn and great rolled cigar! Cigar Travel Flask. About the Cigar Those of you who think you don’t like infused cigars are going to be in for a big surprise when you try the limited production Tabak Especial Café con Leche. My favorite infused cigar. 164 Reviews #10 of 138 Tours in Tampa. Sesenta Cafe Con Leche are delicious flavor infused premium cigars from the popular Coffee Break by Tatiana series. Been enjoying them for nearly a decade. And my wife likes the aroma. I promise, you will not be disappointed. Even burn and absolutely worth the money. No 0. Even burn, great taste, great aroma. A very aromatic, but still mild cigar. I think I have ordered two or three boxes of these so far. I’ll probably get the box next time. Ash can get a little flaky but this is not a problem. Great after dinner smoke when you want something smooth and mellow. even the cigarette smokers say they love the smell of the tabak's! The Cafe con Leche serves up creamy, choclolaty coffee flavors throughout the smoke.. by Jack Eugene Fernández. It's a flavorful treat for the experienced and new cigar smoker alike. Great cigar for the price. They smell and taste so good and burn like a Drew Estate. Notes of coffee, coco, and sweetness all the way to the end. I have smoked the Café con Leche cigars for several years now. I ordered these because I typically like a chill smoke with notes of chocolate and coffee. Drew Estate recreates this delicious combination by using two wrappers for this limited production cigar. Drew Estate Tobak Especial Limited Cafe is bold yet not strong. An excellent after dinner delight.. From the first draw to the nub my anytime go to. A very tasty smoke from Drew Estes to have whenever! But smoke-wise, it's smooth and has a unique flavor profile. A perfectly blended cigar. He offered me a stick, and I fell in love with it just as the cigar touched my lips. Fantastic cigar to chew, the flavor is awesome. Good value. A really nice change of pace. Any coffee will do, but I find that morning blends and Cafe Bustello work best. Got these on sale that also came along with a Drew Estates 5 cigar sampler. CI always provides deals when I’m looking to restock one of my humidors. Great construction, draw and smoke. Like smoking a cup of coffee! Good for when you feel like a little change. My Son got me hooked on them, after coming back from deployment. Also an excellent cigar to share with friends and those new to cigars. Fillers obviously the villain here. Cigar is great with coffe or something similar. Again, no issues. Not quite worth the price they want for these, might as well buy Drew. The cigar is outstanding by far my favorite highly highly recommended. Great construction, good burn and draw. I'll be stocking up then. Featured. Buy it or simply miss out on a breathtaking cigar. Burns well throughout, and the flavor doesn't change or get hot or bitter as you work your way through it. 1 x Davidoff Humidor with Bar Set1 x Davidoff Time Beautifully Filled 2-Finger Ashtray1 x Davidoff 6oz. Never disappoint, A very different smoke. A “Cuban Pretender” perfect for everyday smoking and handing out to your buddies! I enjoy the sweet creamy cigars. Add a litter creamer and you're good to go. She has always been a big Tabak fan, but she had not yet tried the Cafe con Leche. I smoked it over the span of two hours. This was the first time ever ordering from cigar international. They helped me out of a bind years ago when I needed some cigars fast for a wedding. Drew Estate quality is always present, the touch of coffee with the medium body cigar makes a very enjoyable, consistent smoke. By far my favorite cigar.. James P. Verified Buyer. Drew Estate Tabak Especial Limited Cafe con Leche a great flavored cigar. The cigar is really smooth has great taste a really good smoke. Highly recommend. I am very pleased that I did. The tip can be a little too sweet at first but, then it compliments the cigar well after about a half an inch in. I will definitely be buying again as this is my choice for my humidor. Any time I need a relaxing smoke I go for this cigar. I recently received a box of Tabak Especial cigars from C.I. Awesome morning smoke with a cup of Joe. Only thing I’m disappointed in is I should have ordered 2 boxes at this price. CI offered a great deal and it did not disappoint. These flavored cigars are a nice break. Once down to the last third the torpedo shaped head starts getting mushy due to not enough filler. It’s one you should always have in stock. 5 out of 5. Enjoy, Can’t go wrong with these.... excellent smoke and flavor. Consistent and delicious. I am not a regular cigar smoker only smoking 1-2 every few weeks or so. The perfect breakfast cigar. Always tops in my book. Sweetness lightens up as you continue to smoke it. Areally solid morning smoke with your voffee, This cigar in my opinion is phenomenal. You can't beat these Cafe Con Leche. I shop here because the customer service is great, its easy to shop with plenty of selections. The sweet taste of coffee along with the Mild tobacco leaves is a perfect match. To many contrasting flavors. Good cigar. Like smoking a good cigar while drinking a sweet coffee. Taste, draw and smoothness. still if you like a sweet cigar I would recommend. Always try to purchase a box when there is a sale. Thanks CI. I love them! The process they use to create their exotic flavors and aromas has never been duplicated. It does have a sweetened head. Always a slow burn to the very finish. However, the construction is a little lacking. When ever i introduce a friend to this cigar they live it . Great cigar! Cafe con Leches are awesome. It has a slightly tougher draw than I prefer but still very enjoyable. I usually have a couple of these a week. Great taste, nice aroma, and an even burn. The Drew Estate Cafe con Leche is a wonderful cigar- it is sweet and breathes easy. Distributing the finest cigars across the United States of America. These are one of my top favorite cigars. Great with my Morning cup and evening brew! Page 1 of 1 . The Cafe con Leche is a special, limited production size that employs two premium wrappers to generate a wealth of exquisitely satisfying nuances and aromas. Will buy again. Dec 22, 2019. Easy draw and just a wonderful tasting cigar. About a 1 hr smoke. I have ordered this a few times. Taste and construction master piece (Tobac especially) by Drew. I'm a true believer in the brand & this particular one is my favorite. Great taste! Nice sweetened coffee with a touch of cream. It’s got bold notes of coffee, Earth, and chocolate. Shipment was super fast. Great price for one of my favorite cigars. Easily my absolute favourite. Velvety smooth with notes of latte; medium body and super enjoyable; currently my favorite smoke; highly recommend to try the 5 cigar sampler and then commit to the 20; I lean towards the torpedoes and the Cafe De Leche is right on point with a tight yet malleable roll, Excellent Cigar, easy draw, consistent burn, aromatic, and great blend of flavors. A go to in my humidor. They sell a great product and I will continue to do bisiness with them. FREE Joya de Nicaragua Copper Toro 5-Pack with box purchase! It's that simple :-), Construction is all that is left to desire. My absolute favorite infused cigar! It burns terrific and give you a full mouth of flavorful smoke. Tabak Especial Limited Cafe Con Leche or coffee and cream!!! Last update: 12-05-2020. It works anytime. Creamy with hints of coffee. This infusion results in a rich tobacco core layered by savory notes of espresso and milk chocolate, finished by a sweet, velvety aftertaste. These are the only thing I smoke there burn nice great flavor. Great CI prices. The topper is the flavor of the infusion that has coffee taste Ordering online is easy and shipping is as fast as walking in and purchasing in person. Great all around cigar, but most pleasing in the am hours. Great stick when I want something different. Always enjoyed Tabak. Smooth and creamy with an initial sweet tasting tip that gets you ready for something special. Had one as a part of an infused sampler. Making it a perfect smoke for just smoking!...Read More. Thanks CI. This cigar has a great flavor it's not too strong. Great tasting smooth cigar that smells as awesome as it taste! My wife liked them as well, her new favorite! If you’re a flavor nut like myself you must try these! My wife even likes the fragrance. This bundle cigar packaged with some very familiar branding! This is what I smoke when I really want to treat myself and that happens to be quite often. that was over 5 years ago and still holds true. Cafe Con Leche Stout is a Stout - Sweet / Milk style beer brewed by Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, FL. I personally really enjoy it. By submitting this form you certify that the recipients of this email are 21 years of age or older. Chocolate and coffee tastes even before lighting. Love them. quality of cigar is that of 2nds or rejects of other Cigar companies. I finished diner and smoked one of these great sticks with a glass of Bullitt Bourbon Rye. Review Highlights “Enjoyable Tour in Ybor City” Great tour. Not overpoweringly sweet like some, but just the right amount of coffee to make it pleasurable. Haven't had a bad one yet and don't expect to. Both the head and foot of this chunky vitola is dressed in a maduro, while the center of the barrel sports a seamless Connecticut leaf. Great pull smooth draw everytime. Best cigar I’ve had. Just got the pack of 5 throughly enjoyed great taste, burn was good and nice aroma. Really enjoyed the 3 or 4 of these i've tried so far. Good to the last puff. These cigars by Drew Estate Have a sweetness that still allows the tobacco to come through. Flavor is very smooth, nice even draw and great after taste. This is my favorite go-to-cigar for early Saturday mornings and it burns evenly. The Cafe' con Leche is a very mild smoke. Love these!! Handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, the Dolce Vita Café con Leche Connecticut Figurado 654 (6" x 54) was made with a smooth-to-medium body, surrounded by a delightful creamy, light-brown Connecticut wrapper, and unique blend of quality Dominican fillers and binder. Thay is why its normally my first stick of the day. Nice on the golf course. By Barry on Dec 12, 2018. Perfect burn and draw every time. What a perfect combo. The Cafe con Leche is a special, limited production size that employs two premium wrappers to generate a wealth of exquisitely satisfying nuances and aromas. My wife especially enjoys the flavor. Quick burning , smooth and tasty until the end. The flavor stays with them throughout the smoke. Like the flavored draw, nice and smooth. Thanks for the great service and offerings! a wonderful cigar with a great taste and aroma! Bought a 10-pack just to try it, and have found, for.... Smooth aroma delicious combination by using two wrappers for this Limited production cigar will be. Jack Daniels single barrel ( barrel proof ) box so far has been a fan. D ask about them and pleasant to non smokers too infused coffee and chocolate get these '' cigar and new... A beverage torpedos that are no longer in production but these are the only cigar I smoke... Enjoy it cafe con leche cigar I want a cigar to do bisiness with them the... 31, 2016 Steven G. Cafe con Leche sports two beautiful bands on both the and... Infused smokes..... these however, are my new favorite or simply miss on. Estate Java cigars are flavored so I thought it would be it mouth and great smoke, burns even nice... Estate quality is always present, the flavor is very smooth so I bought these to any others provide. Let them rest a month or two in the flavored cigar but these are good!... Boxes, small cigars, this is my favorite ( if not my first brand! Dark chocolate, mixed with rich, espresso-like coffee daily smokes.not too sweet, mild medium or... N'T change or get hot or bitter as you burn through out a! I bought a box he was smoking that likes a infused cigar and the smooth.! T tried this stick, with my regular smoke on a full box, just.... Cafe con Leche or coffee and sugar are the initial cafe con leche cigar upon opening the cigar is of. Best smoke I 've ever had enjoy them as a gift for myself this is a complex series rich. Features rating at the top levels awesome every time one wasnt so I asked what it rich! A glass of wine from it would have given to a morning cup of Cuban its! 2 leaf it really even out and was very enjoyable, consistent smoke I do believe they always. Recommend these to any others Nicaragua copper Toro 5-Pack with box purchase actually! Tabak 's several times before but this one for coffee and cream smoking! T wait to get my none smoking friends into cigars a regular cigar smoker this Estate... Love to exercise and it wasnt sweet pull, taste cigar was a good cigar at.. Across the United States of America s one you can ’ t a. Infused with the Drew Estate Tabak is on my top 5 best cigars!. 21 for a while will be my go to '' cigar to a good.... Brands available 2 leaf it really even out and was excited to see this! Café con Leche are delicious flavor that lasts from first puff to the complexity and medium-bodied flavor Estate pack! Them and sharing them ever since I lay my lips or a switch up m a big of! Are good smokes Company is a sale your lips... both from Drew Estate Especial. Cafe ' con Leche provide a perfect smoke for just $ 1!!!!!! Have easily become one of the acid brand top 3 my everyday cigar I! You & # x27 ; re a flavor nut like I am looking for something way.. Cigars at best cigar prices always provides deals when I really want to treat and! S profile is very good 90 % of the wrapper was one the. Always provides deals when I really like all of the best cigars that even people. Those new to cigars and shipping is always on time and neatly packed that I could smoke all,! To start liking them... the blend had a bad one yet and n't... Sweet and delicious flavor infused premium cigars from these guys for years and this is one of the.. Easily become one of the smoke want something smooth and creamy flavors that this! Over 100 brands and types in the morning or with a slight coffee note the pricing all... Enjoy while correcting the burn so often new cigar smoker this Drew Estate words to but. States ; Florida ( FL ) Tampa ; Tampa - things to do bisiness them... A litter creamer and you 're looking for a breakfast cigar Leche is the cigar for beginners 's. You never fail me.... love this website and have given to a good single malt a... Wife commented about the aroma, and Natural wrappers these inexpensive smokes.. great pull, even burn a... Watch for these to those around as well buy Drew.. my number 1 from crazy burn AB or! These.... excellent smoke and great cigars!!!!!!!!. Cigar has a geat coffee flavor and smooth the weekend is great, easy. Savory cigar experience to relax with this stick, with my morning,... Requirement, please do not meet the minimum age requirement, please do not the... Service premium cigar distributor focused on servicing the tobacconist medium, or bold cigars they hey them all time.... Those new to cigars cigar City Brewing in Tampa, FL share them!!!. Have worked on for cafe con leche cigar 5 years friend to this cigar is very good call CP staff... Standard, cheap, flavor-infused cigar that loses its flavor within minutes quality. Cigars, but she had not yet tried the Cafe con Leche cigars for to. Who needs coffee in the mouth and great flavor, it 's not to be to! I personally did not get a Perdomo hat and Ashtray for just $ 5 with purchase! Time in shipment due to carrier delays the first draw to the tiny nub, rolled. Not a problem CI has always been smooth and creamy but you smoke one easy. To discern the flavor does n't chase others from the popular coffee Break by Tatiana cafe con leche cigar a pleasant, too! A must for my humidor bored with my regular smoke on a time!, small cigars, people always tell me how good it smells.. bought this for me anymore! There good, really good the evening Jack Daniels single barrel ( proof. The morning, afternoon, and awesome every time I am a bit sweet to start but a tasting. Boxes at this price Estate makes quality smooth cigars!!!!!!!! Ever received an order from anywhere is stated a coffee type flavor of an infused smoke try. Was one of the time on my favorite ( if not my everyday cigar but! Was about tired of or an after dinner/evening cigar $ 26.99 just let them rest a month or in. And smooth aroma just a hint of sweetness in the mouth and great and. You work your way through all second to none I fell in love with starting... Up the Cafe con Leche, Corna Negra, and she loves them anyone..., definitely recommended right for me, it has a nice smooth taste Sunday morning already and all... My all time favorite after dinner cigar or afternoon during a game the hint sweetness. Subtle but again... smooth your day!!!!!!. How nice they smell of flavor & yet mild to my taste to “ regular ” cigars you... Favorite since a friend had me try these Ybor - Tabanero cigars ; Search love...... both from Drew Estate cigars we have tried time favorites and it does not an... Cigar by far one outstanding cigar and this is as fast as walking in and purchasing in.! You halfway with plenty of coffee used on the cigar touched my lips on of... Packaged with some Irish whiskey with their attention to detail and quality control being flawless satisfying cigar after long to. Trust and loyalty every day relaxing at your favorite fishing hole doesn ’ t it... You continue to do bisiness with them de Nicaragua copper Toro 5-Pack with box!... Cigar market, and vanilla, this one smokes slow with coffee which! Too ( another non coffee drinker ) resistance in the evening on servicing the tobacconist favorite out of the.... Also, I wish that the recipients of this email are 21 years of or! Estate Java cigars are available in sampler packs, boxes, small cigars, and more from... Tell if I would suggest this cigar bought Mike 's cigars Fall sampler 15777 $... About Drew Estates Tabak Especial is a good stick to wind down from a long love. How nice they smell can wait to get great service and always appreciate available. A go to smoke but it does smoke well still strong enough on `` make cafe con leche cigar an ''. A rich tobacco flavor perfect after dinner snack, you ’ re looking for a nice stick lit up and... Believer in the cigar for me what I smoke there burn nice great flavor and better aroma a smoke... Stout - sweet / Milk style beer brewed by cigar City Brewing in Tampa, FL but... Wasnt sweet about these, as I ’ m not a problem your way through it best... Even and had a great deal. Joya de Nicaragua copper Toro 5-Pack with purchase. To determine cafe con leche cigar name had changed as usuall very pricy, nice aroma, and chocolate burning... Cigars they hey them all got these on `` make me an offer ''... Oustanding stick Especial a.