“We hope many people find joy in listening to our new album, watching our new music video, and watching our performances,” Somin says. So to everyone we’ve affected like that, I hope we continue to keep affecting you. On November 6, KARD appeared at the Young Hollywood studio in Los Angeles, talking about their comeback song "Dumb Litty", and playing the Mystery Box Challenge game. Yet, if one watched the music video for their latest title track, ' Gunshot ', off their first single album 'Way with Words', they'd probably never imagine the turmoil that occurred behind the scenes. KARD’s Somin Responds To Paid-Promotion Controversy Surrounding Her YouTube Channel. share. Primeira e melhor fanbase sobre o grupo misto KARD, pertencente a empresa DSP Media. J. Seph describes himself as “a homebody.” He adds, “I realized there’s a lot of things you can do at home. 2m Followers, 189 Following, 501 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from KARD SOMIN (@somin_jeon0822) [14] KARD performed at the South By Southwest (SXSW) 2018. Nice to see you. Close. quarantine-safe suggestions for fun activities, K-Rock Rookies 2Z Get Candid About Black Lives Matter, Music, and More. “We all looked like they dressed us the way we should be dressed, and everything was more set up for us,” BM says. “2 Chainz!” Jiwoo and BM yell in unison, referencing the American rapper, and the whole room erupts in uncontrollable laughter. J. Seph references the lyrics, “안팎으로 떠다닐 채비 밖으로 바꾸러 기분 up” from B-side “Ah Ee Yah” ("Get ready to float in and out, changing to the outside, [get your] mood up.") Eric Nam Reveals How … On January 19, 2017, Billboard selected KARD as one of the Top 5 K-Pop artists to watch in 2017. 10. Dengan mengambil tema California Sunset, penyanyi 24 tahun itu memadukan eyeshadow warna hot pink dan orange dengan teknik yang cukup ‘aman’. Sign up for the Teen Vogue daily email. Somin opend her own YouTube Channel "Minny J" on April 9, 2019 to show people herself "not as Kard's Jeon So-min, but a lot of as the person Jeon So-min." “It can happen digitally, it can happen in-person, in real life. Check this out: K-Rock Rookies 2Z Get Candid About Black Lives Matter, Music, and More, Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Gingerbread monolith delights San Francisco on Christmas Day, Recently laid-off preschool teacher strikes it rich with lucky $250K lottery ticket. [2] On December 9, Oh NaNa's music video teaser was released. “Just being KARD is a huge positive thing that we have, because I don’t know if a lot of groups got that, so go KARD!”. On April 9, Somin revealed her ' Minny J ' YouTube channel and introduced herself to fans. The YouTube channel name is "Minny J 소민 [Somin]" and she will show tips and recommendations as a beauty creator. At 24, Somin has her own YouTube channel, where she showcases everything from glittery festival makeup to behind the scenes KARD vlogs. On April 14, they met local fans through their 2018 Wild Kard Tour in the Kasablanka Hall in Jakarta, Indonesia. saying, “When I was writing those lyrics, I was thinking back to the feelings of excitement I had before the coronavirus, when I was traveling overseas and preparing to go out into the world.”, Way With Words obviously touches on topics that are close to the members’ hearts, with songs that comment on the reality of the present while offering hope for the future. Tagged as kard k.a.r.d bm somin jiwoo j.seph jseph v:performance v:radio. For a group that has been different from its inception, it’s only natural that they had to love each other and their craft to get this far. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. r/kpop: K-Pop (Korean popular music) is a musical genre consisting of pop, dance, electropop, hiphop, rock, R&B, and electronic music originating in … “There’s many ways verbal abuse can happen,” BM says. You have to do laundry, clean your room. On August 7, KARD member Somin released an official statement via through her YouTube channel ' Minny J Somin ' in order to deny recently raised accusations of … K.A.R.D Members Profile: J.Seph Stage Name: J.Seph (제이셉) Birth Name: Kim Tae Hyung (김태형) Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist Birthday: June 21, 1992 Zodiac Sign: Cancer/Gemini cusp Height: 178.5 cm (5’10”) Weight: 71 kg (156 lbs) Blood Type: O Card Name: Ace Instagram: @j.seph_ J.Seph Facts: – Speaks some English. August 7, 2020. K-Pop Group KARD on “Way With Words” and Standing Out. ), "[prod.BM/Lyric Video] Somin - Backseat (Feat. Go watch YouTube, too!” — as they’ve taken a forced breather from their hectic schedules. Jiwoo is adamant about who she admires: “This hasn’t changed for me since I was a trainee — Beyonce and Rihanna.” J. Seph dotes on Beenzino, a South Korean rapper whose free spirit he wants to emulate. KARD’s Somin Responds To Paid-Promotion Controversy Surrounding Her YouTube Channel – KpopHit . [15] They were the only K pop group on the '2018 year expectation team' selected by FUSE TV. Their content will be. On March 27, they made their comeback with their first digital single Bomb Bomb. Their playful nature feels like sibling banter, a wholesome camaraderie that allows them to fuse their divergent personalities together. KARD debuted in 2017 under DSP Media with “Hola Hola,” a tropical house-infused song that introduced the high energy that would become vital to their ethos. Since: 1.12.2016 #KARD #SOMIN [6] The group held their first tour, 2017 The 1st Tour "Wild K.A.R.D" , in the United States between May–June 2017. CONTACT #카드, RED MOON 전소민 포커스, 하이! The four members of KARD — BM, J. Seph, Somin, and Jiwoo — are infectiously energetic. On April 21, LG Electronics selected them as their global ambassador for the G6 smartphone,. They made their official televised performance on M Countdown on July 19. As many popular YouTubers are getting the heat for not explicitly stating products under paid promotion on their channel, KARD ‘s Somin was also recently called out when people realized she had changed the description of her “Things Bought With My Own Money” video to include the term “paid promotion”. Somin has a two older sister, Twice 's singer Jeongyeon is also a distant relative of Somin where she is the niece of the wife of Somin's uncle. KARD's Somin has opened a YouTube channel! Youtube: KARD’s channel. Next Page. # KARD # SOMIN [# YOUTUBE] 01.11.20-Somin added a comment on his channel's community bar, Minny J. They planned to release three project singles before their official debut. hide. “I’ve been making a lot of dark songs, so I think I’m gonna make a little bit of bright songs so people feel good and smile, because smiling is the best,” BM says. [3] On December 13, 2016, they released their first project single titled "Oh NaNa" featuring Heo Young-ji as a "hidden card". #KARD, RED MOON #JeonSomin Focus, HI! In the meantime, it seems their priorities are in place: more than music show wins or global fame, they want to promote a healthy, down-to-earth environment where HIDDEN KARDs everywhere can find a comforting home and take care of each other like an inclusive family. Archived. “Usually we have concerts where the fans are physically present, and there’s a rhythm between us and the fans, but since there wasn’t this type of interaction, it didn’t feel as fun to perform compared to when we had the fans there with us.”, KARD’s “keep it real” nature is a sign of comfort for their fans, dubbed HIDDEN KARD. Twitter. 1 May 01 2020 [VIDEO] 200416 KARD, Inferno at IDOL RADIO. Lots of things!” That gets the members offering up quarantine-safe suggestions for fun activities — “You can have KBBQ! [11] The group released their second EP, You & Me, on November 21 with the song "You In Me" serving as the title track.[12][13]. Somin and Jiwoo joined Super Junior to perform on Korean music programs. Trending. Way With Words marks a more mature future for KARD, though it’s safe to say they’ll still be making shameless corny jokes. The KARD member stated, "Hello, this is … She is a former member of South Korean girl group APRIL, she decided to leave the group in November 2015.She is currently a member co-ed group K.A.R.D.. [7][8][9][10], On July 19, 2017, they released their debut EP Hola Hola. Two meetings were held in Melbourne, Australia on April 26 and Sydney in Australia on the 29th. From their social media presences to their artistic risk-taking, they feel extremely human. After its release, the single charted at #1 in 13 countries on iTunes' K-Pop charts and ranked high on main iTunes charts in the U.S., Southeast Asia, and Europe. Like so many around the world, they’ve used this time to delve into what they like to do, even as they try to maintain some sort of work normalcy. K.A.R.D Wiki is a FANDOM Music Community. Tagged as kard k.a.r.d bm j.seph jseph v:performance v:radio. Since then, their releases have felt fresh and futuristic. J. Seph has the hard and raw, high-tone rap, I have the low-tone rap, Jiwoo’s got the husky, and Somin’s got the more, I want to say, like fresh and kinda the sweet type.”. "Dumb Litty" Performance ver. In order to tackle important topics, the group has formulated an open line of discussion. KARD had a tour held in four countries: Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Philippines. ), "Dumb Litty" Performance ver. [17] They made a comeback through M Countdown on July 26. Reminiscing on their past now, they can see the ways they’ve developed as artists, compared to their early days as rookies. KARD (Hangul: 카드, also stylized as KARD or K♠RD) is a South Korean co-ed group formed by DSP Media in 2016. Youtube: KARD’s channel. On August 24, 2015, she debuted as the leader of DSP Media’s girl group April, which she decided to depart from on November … The foursome stand out in the K-pop industry because co-ed groups are rare, but the real secret to KARD’s success are their unique sounds, open-minded views, and colorful personalities that shine through their self-produced and written work. [# YOUTUBE] 01.11.20 - Somin adicionou um comentário na barra de comunidade de seu canal, Minny J. On April 9, Somin revealed her Minny J YouTube channel and introduced herself to fans. Their Wild Kard Tour was held in September 2017, with five European dates in London, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, and Rotterdam, and five North American dates in Minneapolis; Washington, D.C.; New York City; Miami; and San Francisco. [VIDEO] 200416 MINNY J Youtube channel update with J.seph. And you know, a lot of fans were very grateful that we touched on the subjects that should be touched on [more]. On August 24, 2015, Somin debuted as the leader of DSP Media's new girl group APRIL. (Black ver. Want more from Teen Vogue? Definitely, you can see maturity.” Speaking more on their sonic growth, Jiwoo adds, “Even when you look at the genre, we first did a lot of Moombahton and used a lot of tropical sounds, but we’re now breaking away from that and trying to pursue diverse styles.”, The shifting and varied nature of their sound is also apparent in their personal musical influences. After creating their own YouTube channels, the contestants will plan, direct, and upload one new video a week. “The void [of fans not being there] felt a lot bigger than I had expected,” Somin says. On this Minny J channel, Ill be showing you myself not as KARDs Jeon So Min, but a lot of myself as the person Jeon So Min. BM)", 2017 WILD KARD The 1st Tour in America PT.2, 2017 WILD KARD The 1st Tour in South America, 2017 WILD KARD The 1st Tour in South America PT.2. [23], On October 5, 2020, J.Seph quietly enlisted for his mandatory military service as an active duty soldier.[24]. Aug 06, 2020. by. “I’m going to try different things and hope to find something that I enjoy.” Somin adds, “I’m trying to do things I’ve been wanting to do personally, spending time with family that I haven’t been able to see, and since I have to continue to create content for my YouTube channel, I’ve been filming for that.”, Outside of their own activities, the group has been promoting “Gunshot,” the lead single from their album Way With Words, for most of September. Somin Jiwoo KARD September 2020. BM has a podcast that gives him an outlet to talk about his real life, a casual clothing brand called Staydium, and the Big Tiddie Committee — a viral movement born from BM’s love of exercise that he used to raise money for Breast Cancer research. We’re gonna continue to keep working hard!”. [4] Their follow-up project single "Don't Recall" was released on February 16, 2017, followed by its English version on March 1. [5] Their third and final project single, titled "Rumor", was released on April 24. A new kind of beauty variety show is headed our way. KARD 's Somin has opened up her own YouTube channel! It’s great that she’s active again! As Jiwoo describes the music video, “To introduce our characters, J. Seph was a keyboard warrior who wrote hate comments, and my character was someone who releases their anger through violence.” Somin adds, “I portrayed a stalker and someone who writes hate comments as well.” For BM, “I was someone who witnesses everything, but doesn't do anything about it, which is almost just as bad I feel.” It’s a timely message in a year when social media harassment is rampant, where fandoms and cultural communities are divided, where anonymous users attack and dox others in the name of devoted loyalty to celebrities. As they did with this comeback, the group hopes that they can motivate listeners despite the global struggles in our world right now. Even via Zoom, it’s impossible not to feel the warmth from their smiles all the way from Seoul during our interview (for this chat, BM spoke in English while J. Seph, Somin, and Jiwoo spoke in Korean with a translator). Beyond the surface, there’s a depth to the group that resonates with listeners internationally. Let us slide into your DMs. Buat yang penasaran gimana caranya, langsung saja ikuti tutorial makeup California Sunset yang keren banget dari Somin KARD di bawah ini. At 24, Somin has her own YouTube channel, where she showcases everything from glittery festival makeup to behind the scenes KARD vlogs. ), and was her dance partner for the lead single "Choco Chip Cookies". Tagged as kard k.a.r.d somin j.seph jseph v: minny j. Always consistent and classy, she is KARD’s Black Joker. "[Now] I’m just slowly trying to transition back to work mode… back into staying healthy and trying to get back into my creative world.”, The other members’s passions lie elsewhere. The group … Even seeing the way they interact with one another, BM and J. Seph take on leadership roles, always ready to speak while still opening up the floor to the younger members. She reached the finals of Kara Project, a television programme in which seven trainees competed to become the new members of label mates girl group, Kara, where she finished at the second place. 98% Upvoted. (White ver. The six-track EP contained their previous project singles, as well as the title track "Hola Hola". Somin Profile and Facts; Somin’s Ideal Type Somin (소민) is a South Korean singer under DSP Media. [18] On September 21, they made another comeback with "Dumb Litty". “This is something I just thought of now,” she says, “but instead of spending time being stubborn about enforcing our opinion, we’d rather hurry up and efficiently solve whatever is at hand, so these discussions don’t go on for very long.”, Since debut, they’ve grown along with their fans. “Now we have a lot more opinions and a lot more say in what we want to do, stylistically and sonically, which I feel like we’ve matured to the point where our label appreciates that as well. KARD (Hangul: 카드, also stylized as KARD or K♠RD) is a South Korean co-ed group formed by DSP Media in 2016. ”I’m trying to find a hobby,” Jiwoo says. This is Minny J, Somin! Share This Post. If you want to know eeeeverything about my fashion and beauty tips and my daily life, make sure to subscribe to the Minny J channel on Youtube! You can see the moment when the joke potential clicks in his fellow members’ eyes. Somin baru-baru ini berhasil membuat tampilan color block eyeshadow di Youtube channel pribadinya. DSP Friends officially debuted on December 15, 2014. “I’m in the gym. KARD Brasil. Since then, “I think J.Cole is my biggest inspiration.”. Somin was previously a member of DSP Media’s Japan-based girl group Puretty, which disbanded two years after its debut in 2012. DSP Friends Members Profile DSP Friends is a 21-member South Korean co-ed group under DSP Media. [19][20], On February 12, 2020, KARD released their fourth EP, Red Moon. On August 7, KARD member Somin released an official statement via through her YouTube channel 'Minny J Somin' in order to deny recently raised accusations of false product placement ads. I stay in the gym, [then] I’m back in the studio,” he offers enthusiastically. That realness, that freedom, manifests in the members’ individual activities, too, where they’re encouraged to follow their passions in addition to being idols. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Ver más ideas sobre Baraja de cartas, Kpop, Dancehall. "—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region. Jiwoo, the maknae (youngest member) at 23, competed on Good Girl, a Korean survival show for female hip-hop and R&B artists. 07-oct-2019 - Explora el tablero de Anel Noelia "KARD" en Pinterest. Somin (Jeon So-min) exhibits all the traits of a classic K-pop star; a blooming beauty ambassador, she glows in makeup videos on her promising vlog channel, where she continuously reveals a gentle spirit that underlies her smooth dancing and her dextrous, radiant voice. Constantly working to include all members and promoting each other’s personal successes in addition to sharing more about group activities, it’s clear that the chemistry fans feel among them is something that can’t be taught or forced. 5 May 01 2020 [VIDEO] 200416 KARD medley dance a IDOL RADIO. “We’re very flexible like that, and like to work things out in a smooth, easy-going manner.” Jiwoo bounces off of J. Seph’s explanation. BTS Reacts To Jungkook’s Shirtless Push-Ups Scene. See more ideas about kard, album, kpop merch. https://www.soompi.com/2017/07/20/kard-returns-part-2-wild-kard-2017-1st-tour-america-ticket-information/, KARD 2nd Mini Album 'You & Me' - EP by KARD on Apple Music, SXSW's Annual K-Pop Showcase Rebrands as 'Korea Spotlight' With Crush, Lee Hi, KARD & More, KARD, Indonesia to host Australia World Tour additional (official), KARD, 7월 25일 세 번째 미니앨범으로 컴백 확정‥여름 달군다(공식), KARD, 오늘(12일) 새 미니 '레드 문' 발표..독보적 매력 업그레이드, '컴백 D-9' KARD, 'Way with Words' 커밍업 포스터 공개..新감각 궁금증↑ [공식, '컴백' KARD, 신곡 'GUNSHOT' 발매…글로벌 히든카드 '팬심 저격', KARD 제이셉, 오늘(5일) 현역 입대.."자랑스러운 모습으로 돌아올 것" [종합, Kard Chart History: World Digital Song Sales, KARD Return to Their Peak on World Digital Song Sales Chart With 'Bomb Bomb', K.A.R.D - HOLA HOLA (Official Music Video), https://kard.fandom.com/wiki/KARD?oldid=5029. As many popular YouTubers are getting the heat for not explicitly stating products under paid promotion on their channel, KARD ‘s Somin was also recently called out when people realized she had changed the description of her “Things Bought With My Own Money” video to include the term “paid promotion”. “We hope this pandemic ends soon, and we’ll continue to stay healthy, and we hope everyone stays healthy during this time, too!” BM concludes, “We got a lot of letters, a lot of messages, a lot of comments from people saying that it almost healed them in a certain way. J. Seph, the 28-year-old eldest member, is a skilled lyricist who writes his own raps and produces. The group consists of Jaekyung, Woori, Seungah, Noeul, Yoonhye, Jisook, Hyunyoung, Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara and Youngji, Somin, Chaewon, Dowoo, Yunyoung, Seungjin, Seungyub,Joonghee, Seongmin, Jaehyeong, Jihu and Jong Hyeok. Source: NamuWiki, THEQOO, MinnyJ and Hong Sound. 8. nayeoni. On December 9, the music video teaser for their first project single titled "Oh NaNa" was released, with the song being officially released on December 13, 2016. On December 8, 2016, KARD official channel revealed that the first hidden member was Youngji, and[1] 5 members including hidden member Youngji made a live broadcast on V app. She later joined Kara Project, where she competed to become a new member of KARA, and finished in second place. In the middle of our Zoom interview with KARD, J. Seph is describing his personal style, pulling out two silver necklaces from underneath his shirt. The mood is lighthearted, if chaotic, which is typical for KARD, a co-ed K-pop group that has transformed their eclectic individual personalities into a unit that feels delightfully off-the-cuff. The album was released on April 12, 2018. The female members of the group, Somin and Jiwoo, featured in a special version of the song "Lo Siento", the lead single of Super Junior's album Replay (a repackaged album of their eighth Korean studio album Play). The Big Tiddie Committee — a clear indication of BM’s good humor as well as his commitment to helping others — is made up of male idols who work out a lot, so naturally, as the leader, BM must live up to the name. Style . To all the fans, thank you always for your love and support. 컨택 The K-POP All about K-POP in Korea! report. save. In August 2015, member BM was featured in Goo Ha-ra's song "La La La" on her debut extended play Alohara (Can You Feel It? 29. On August 19, 2019, they held their first solo concert after their debut in South Korea. “Although we’re only four members, I feel like music-wise, all of our voices are very very distinct. On August 1, one YouTube channel by the name of ... KARD’s Somin Responds To Paid-Promotion Controversy Surrounding Her YouTube Channel. This version is included inside the digital version of the album. Posted by 8 months ago. Official K-POP YouTube channel … All content for their third project "Rumor" including music videos, will be collaborated with LG Electronics G6. She announced her departure from the group, on November 9. The whole album Way With Words pretty much discusses how important words are in this day and age.”, Other songs touch on the continued effects of the pandemic on everyone’s mental health. Before their official debut, DSP Media is planning to release three project singles (every new release will reveal a hidden member). It’s great that she’s active again! BLACKPINK’s Rosé Is Officially The New Muse For YSL Beauty . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Inside look at KARD through Somin’s YouTube channel. Facebook. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Somin loves Tinashe and Ariana Grande, and BM cites Tupac as the reason he started rapping. From 2012 to 2014, member Somin was a member of DSP Media's Japanese girl group Puretty with releasing singles "Cheki☆Love" in 2012, "Shuwa Shuwa BABY" in 2013 and then disbanded in 2014 with plans for the members to re-debut into other groups. [22] BM wrote, composed, and arranged the title track, with the other members contributing to the album as well. From 2012 to 2014, member Somin was a member of DSP Media's Japanese girl group Puretty with releasing singles "Cheki☆Love" in 2012, "Shuwa Shuwa BABY" in 2013 and then disbanded in 2014 with plans for the members to re-debut into other groups. Though they are idols, they aren’t afraid to air their mistakes, and their ability to engage honestly with one another is the perfect example of teamwork. Somin Jiwoo KARD #HiLYP Hay All, Visit My Youtube Channel Please Saved by Hi LYP. The KARD member stated, Hello, this is Minny Js Somin. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. They are working under DSP Media. Somin took to her YouTube channel to detail the impact the group's comeback had on them, highlighting the toll it took on them mentally and emotionally. You can play video games, watch TV, and there’s tons of cleaning to do. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. KARD’s Somin also runs a cute channel where she talks about her fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. Somin adds, “I felt very proud when people said that they felt comforted by this album.” Though they have successfully promoted on Korean music shows, Somin admits that the inability to interact with fans face-to-face has been more difficult than she anticipated. “We try to communicate and share our opinions through conversation, and if we continue to converse to no solution, we sometimes resort to something like a game of rock, paper, scissors,” J. Seph says. Inside look at KARD through Somin’s YouTube channel. They were on the top 50 of digital sales according to Billboard. Written by J. Seph and BM, “Gunshot” is part character study, part examination of the ways people can hurt each other. “We have everything you could want in a co-ed group — maybe in a group in general,” BM, who is Korean-American and was born in Los Angeles, tells Teen Vogue. Jan 19, 2020 - Explore Hi LYP's board "KARD", followed by 1441 people on Pinterest. [21], On August 26, 2020, KARD released their first single album Way with Words and their title track "Gunshot". They made their official debut on July 19, 2017, with the EP Hola Hola. When BM (short for Big Matthew) takes a stab at describing what makes KARD, KARD, it feels, well, extremely KARD. On December 8, 2016, KARD, through their official channel, revealed that their first "hidden card" member was Heo Young-ji, with all 4 members including hidden member Youngji making a live broadcast on the V-Live app. Stage Name: Somin (소민) Birth Name: Jeon So Min (전소민) Position: Main Vocalist, Visual Birthday: August 22, 1996 K.A.R.D is a South Korean co-ed consisting of J.seph, BM, Somin, and Jiwoo. News KARD's Somin creates YouTube channel youtube.com nayeoni Apr 9 | 9:18 AM. … 45K likes. FUSE TV selected 16 teams expected to be in 2018 among the teams participating in the "SXSW" music festival, the largest music market in the United States. This thread is archived . youtu.be/ylKZtR... 0 comments. [16] On July 25, 2018, they made their comeback with their third EP, Ride On the Wind.