Who can simply simply just take IS fighter and their teenage ‘ By Anna Holligan BBC Information, The Hague

Yago Riedijk was created and raised in well-to-do suburbia that is dutch abandoned it all in the very early twenties for so-called Islamic State (IS).

Old photos reveal a smiling teenager perched behind a kid on a motorbike. A smattering of hairs on their chin shows he could be cultivating a beard.

The Netherlands was left by him in 2014. He faces a six-year jail term for joining a terrorist organisation if he returns.

You might be acquainted with their bride that is jihadi Begum from eastern London who’s thought to have “married” him 10 times after she arrived inside IS territory aged 15.

They now face an uncertain fate.

Riedijk had been certainly one of 300 Dutch males and ladies who travelled to Syria and Iraq. Some 135 Dutch nationals with “jihadist motives” will always be here, anti-terrorism officials state.

It is really not understood just how many wish to keep coming back, and it’s also not clear when they can.

Authorities across European countries are alive into the risk of coming back jihadists:

  • Holland this week eliminated the citizenship of Riedijk’s fellow Dutch jihadist, Outhmane B
  • Thirteen French residents accused of fighting for IS are dealing with trial in Iraq as opposed to in France it self, as well as the French federal government will maybe not intervene
  • Belgium has won an appeal which means that it may not be obligated to repatriate two women that are belgian to be Islamic State militants from Syria with their kiddies
  • Great britain has revoked Shamima Begum’s citizenship