World Contraception Day: These 5 period monitoring apps might help you have actually safe sex

There are numerous advantageous assets to tracking your menstrual cycle: better general health and a sex life that is safe. Once you understand your fertile screen and scheduling sex correctly can help you save from undesired maternity.

It is 2018 and technology is finally acknowledging feminine health that is reproductive a significant area to buy. There are lots of apps and wearables which are presenting more recent features to greatly help ladies realize their health better. But plenty of work is yet to be performed; for example, a number of these apps lack a pregnancy tracker – the necessity for that has been highlighted in A twitter thread that is popular recently. US-based Swapna Krishna, a technology author talked regarding how wellness monitoring apps for ladies aren’t comprehensive as numerous account that is don’t of as an attribute.

During maternity, women are bound to hold weight, stop menstruating and also proceed through different changes that are hormonal. More