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In regards to the Scheme

The Motability Scheme helps you will get mobile by trading your high rate mobility allowance to lease a new affordable automobile, Wheelchair available car, scooter or driven wheelchair.

The Scheme is run by Motability Operations Ltd , and overseen by Motability , a charity that is registered.


All-inclusive rent with insurance coverage, servicing, maintenance and breakdown address included.


We negotiate with manufacturers to help make sure we’re constantly providing you with the most effective rates feasible.

Easy and simple

Payments are immediately obtained from your flexibility allowance.

Help for customers

For people, it really is about having the ability to decide on an out, a holiday day. Those things many people probably ignore

What’s available?

You are able to select from a range that is huge of, scooters, driven wheelchairs or Wheelchair available cars (WAV s).

We now have a range that is wide of from fuel-efficient smaller vehicles, to roomy estates, Multi-purpose cars (MVP) and Sport Utility cars (SUV).

Vehicles with adaptations

Our adaptations are created to help to make your driving, or travelling experience since comfortable as you possibly can.

Wheelchair vehicles that are accessible

You can expect cars which are particularly transformed so a wheelchair individual can travel either as a passenger or perhaps a motorist.


Scooters and powered wheelchairs

A range that is wide of and powered wheelchairs can be found, well suited for short journeys, travelling all on your own.

Information and Views

Explore most of the news that is latest through the Motability Scheme, including helpful suggestions on getting out and about, whatever your flexibility requirements. More