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MH370 ended up being now likely traveling hands free, cruising south to the evening

Whoever had been occupying the cockpit ended up being alive and active. Was this a hijacking? A hijacking may be the “third celebration” solution favored into the formal report. It’s the minimum painful description for anybody in authority that night. This has problems that are immense nevertheless. The main one is that the cockpit home had been fortified, electrically bolted, and surveilled by a video clip feed that the pilots could see. Additionally, lower than two minutes passed between Zaharie’s casual “good evening” towards the Kuala Lumpur controller plus the beginning of the diversion, using the attendant lack of the transponder sign. Exactly just exactly How would hijackers have proven to make their move properly through the handoff to Vietnamese atmosphere traffic control, after which gained access therefore quickly and efficiently that neither of this pilots had an opportunity to send a stress call? It’s possible needless to say that the hijackers had been recognized to the pilots—that they certainly were invited to the cockpit—but also that will not give an explanation for not enough a radio transmission, especially throughout the hand-flown change away from Beijing. More