we called Karen King later on that day to inquire of whether we’re able to satisfy

The storyline had an airtight logic. Nonetheless it had been almost impervious to verification. Inside the initial emails to King, Fritz had reported that “someone in Germany” had translated the Jesus’s-wife fragment in the 1980s, and therefore a Coptic priest had “recently” translated another of Laukamp’s papyri. I might have liked to consult with either of these, nevertheless when I inquired whom these people were, Fritz confessed that he’d in reality translated the fragments himself, utilizing A coptic dictionary and sentence structure guide from their college days. He lied to King because he didn’t want to be “embarrassed” if his Coptic skills had grown rusty about it, he said.

I inquired Fritz whether there clearly was anyone alive whom could attest to any right area of the provenance story—the London art dealer, somebody who had understood Laukamp to get papyri, or anybody who had seen Fritz with Laukamp in the von Dдniken talk or during the complimentary University. More