exactly How calories that are many you burn off while having sex? THIS condom unit could let you know

Along with protecting against STIs, a unique smart condom unit could expose exactly how many calories males burn while having sex – and even assist them shed weight and acquire fit.

The i-Con Smart Condom is billed as an innovative new kind of wearable technology which supplies all of the data guys need certainly to monitor their sex-life.

The unit will even help identify sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and syphilis.

Inventors have stated the kit will be accessible in 2017, exclusively from British Condoms.

This information includes duration of sex, calories burnt, number and rate of thrusts, girth dimensions, and positions that are different each week, thirty days or 12 months.

Wearable unit: The band could expose just how numerous calories are burnt during intercourse

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Condom: The technology could reveal just exactly how many calories are burnt during intercourse

The business, that will be located in Nottingham, stated that every information will be held anonymous – but users have the ability to share their information with buddies should they therefore want.

In the same way with other wellness monitoring products, it will probably utilize nano-chip and bluetooth technology to relay the information up to an app that is smartphone.

The i.Con isn’t a real condom, the inventors have stated. It really is a band which will sit over a condom during the base, which individuals may use times that are multiple.

They stated: “It is incredibly comfortable, water resistant and lightweight, you won’t even comprehend it’s here ensuring maximum pleasure and, satisfaction you want to use within combination because of the i.Con. as you are able to select any condom”

Condom: the unit could attract males trying to drop some weight

We knew we had been in the cusp of making one thing unique with i.Con, and bringing a new meaning to ‘wearable technology’ – but being advocates of safe intercourse, we desired something more, therefore the addition of an STI indicator has definitely done that. More