Things To Do After Sex Which Will Intensify Your Relationship

Image this: both you and your boo thang simply had an extra session that is hot. The vibes had been moving, the bloodstream had been pumping, and also the chemistry had been hot AF. You’re side that happens to be lying side, perhaps in a pant or perhaps in post-orgasm ecstasy, and you’re probs thinking, fine… what’s next?

Forget rolling over and sleeping—there is so much you two can overcome in your feel great mind-set. Below are a few a few ideas about how to make use of those amazing endorphins offering that you buzz.

This takes Netflix and chill to a complete level that is new because, hello, we be solvin’ problems together.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of re-watching your fave Office episodes, but why not put your two—very stimulated— brains to work when you’ve just experienced an amazing orgasm? Whom actually killed Jen’s spouse?

Degree up your circular two game.

Super into Game of Thrones? Thank you for visiting the completely, utterly, nonexistent group of fans (LOL).

But alternatively of turning regarding the year to mindlessly view in your euphoric state, roll your spouse in addition to you for another go at it—but this time, reenact the sex scenes that are hottest from GoT. I know it is fundamentally summer time and all sorts of, but cold temperatures is likely to be coming (again, and once again, and once more).

Take the Love Language Test.

Phone me a nerd, but this can be my personal favorite action to take ever—and bonus points them take the test right in front of you if you put your bae on the spot and make.

You are asked by the test along with your partner questions like, “It’s more significant if you ask me when. a) somebody I favor sends me personally a loving note/text/email for no unique explanation. b) we hug somebody I favor.

Not merely do you really learn a great deal about an individual considering exactly exactly what their love More