Major Things you Should do after Sex always for a Clean Vagina

If you should be somebody who can not resist the desire to wash her vagina rigtht after intercourse, we cannot precisely blame you. That is, if you were having sex without a condom), the aftermath of sex can be pretty messy between the self-producing lubricant the vagina makes, any KY jelly you and your partner may have used, and any semen that made its way in.

Wanting dozens of fluids from your vagina is perfectly normal — but if it does not concern you, which is no big deal either. In the end, the vagina is semen’s literal fantasy location, and the normal self-lubricant your vagina makes while having sex won’t harm you.

Plus, you may be aware that the vagina cleans itself — and it is real. Linda Stern, APRN, a Los Angeles-based nursing assistant practitioner, told female’s Day that the vagina is lined by various glands that create the self-lubricant along with clean the area that is vaginal. That release you see in your undies can be your vagina’s means of ridding it self of something that could disturb its precious small ecosystem.

” Normal discharge that is vaginal whitish, but can take place yellowish when it dries.”

Nevertheless, you need to nevertheless make certain you’re using the right actions toward preventing any uncomfortable genital infections ( just like a UTI or vaginosis). Keep reading to understand just how to neat and care for your vagina after intercourse. More