Temporary remain visa process in Serbia (common legislation visa)

Are you currently along the way of trying to get a staying that is temporary in Serbia? Do you wish to attempt to use your self minus the assistance of a company? In that case, you might find this web site post useful as I’ve simply been through the procedure myself. I shall layout most of the equipment that We experienced plus the papers I’d to submit.

Until this very day, We have had 2 work licenses and remaining licenses within days gone by 24 months. But, I lost my permits, so I had to go through this process again but this time without the help of HR after I left my previous job.

This visa varies from my past visas as this time we used my license predicated on a common-law relationship (non-married community since it is called in Serbia). We reside with my fiance, but our company is maybe perhaps maybe not yet married (he could be a Serb and I also have always been a Finn). Being engaged has nothing in connection with this technique, but. Simply put, he’s my sponsor.

The forms necessary to submit an application for the short-term typical legislation visa

Listed below are the kinds required since detailed as i perhaps could possibly explain. More